Quotes by American Novelist Thornton Wilder

The test of an adventure is that when you're in the middle of it, you say to yourself, 'Oh, now I've got myself into an awful mess; I wish I were sitting quietly at home.' And the sign that something's wrong with you is when you sit quietly at home wishing you were out having lots of adventure. Thornton Wilder

The best thing about animals is they don't talk much. Thornton Wilder

The future author is one who discovers that language, the exploration and manipulation of the resources of language, will serve him in winning through to his way. Thornton Wilder

Literature is the orchestration of platitudes. Thornton Wilder

The planting of trees in the least self-centered of all that we can do. It is a purer act of faith than the procreation of children. Thornton Wilder

Winning children (who appear so guileless) are children who have discovered how effective charm and modesty and a delicately calculated spontaneity are in winning what they want. Thornton Wilder

For what human ill does dawn not seem to be alternative? Thornton Wilder

The comic spirit is given to us in order that we may analyze, weigh, and clarify things in us which nettle us, or which we are outgrowing, or trying to reshape. Thornton Wilder

It's when you're safe at home that you wish you were having an adventure. When you're having an adventure you wish you were safe at home. Thornton Wilder

Many great writers have been extraordinarily awkward in daily exchange, but the greatest give the impression that their style was nursed by the closest attention to colloquial speech. Thornton Wilder

Every writer is necessarily a critic -- that is, each sentence is a skeleton accompanied by enormous activity of rejection; and each selection is governed by general principles concerning truth, force, beauty, and so on. The critic that is in every fabulist is like the iceberg -- nine-tenths of him is under water. Thornton Wilder

There is a land of the living and a land of the dead and the bridge is love, the only survival, the only meaning. Thornton Wilder

I know that every good and excellent thing in the world stands moment by moment on the razor-edge of danger and must be fought for... Thornton Wilder

My advice to you is not to inquire why or whither, but just enjoy your ice cream while it's on your plate. Thornton Wilder

Man is not an end but a beginning. We are at the beginning of the second week. We are children of the eighth day. Thornton Wilder

The best part of married life is the fights. The rests is merely so. Thornton Wilder

Marriage is a bribe to make a housekeeper think she's a householder. Thornton Wilder

I rose by sheer military ability to the rank of corporal. Thornton Wilder

A play visibly represents pure existing. Thornton Wilder

I would love to be the poet laureate of Coney Island. Thornton Wilder

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