Adapt what is useful, reject what is useless, and add what is specifically your own.

Take the world as it is, not as it ought to be.

If you live in the river you should make friends with the crocodile.

Wise people are foolish if they cannot adapt to foolish people.

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There is no order in the world around us, we must adapt ourselves to the requirements of chaos instead.

Adaptability is not imitation. It means power of resistance and assimilation.

To the man who only has a hammer, everything he encounters begins to look like a nail.

Those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.

We must make the best of those ills which cannot be avoided.

Adapt yourself to the things among which your lot has been cast and love sincerely the fellow creatures with whom destiny has ordained that you shall live.

They that will not apply new remedies must expect new evils.

Adapt or perish, now as ever, is Nature's inexorable imperative.

We recognize the need to adapt to a changing competitive environment.

I think I'm just more adaptable now, so danger, overall, seems less dangerous to me.

Whatever there be of progress in life comes not through adaptation but through daring.

The weather-cock on the church spire, though made of iron, would soon be broken by the storm-wind if it did not understand the noble art of turning to every wind.

Negation is the mind's first freedom, yet a negative habit is fruitful only so long as we exert ourselves to overcome it, adapt it to our needs; once acquired it can imprison us.

Each generation's job is to question what parents accept on faith, to explore possibilities, and adapt the last generation's system of values for a new age.

Priests are not men of the world; it is not intended that they should be; and a University training is the one best adapted to prevent their becoming so.

We have to adapt and overcome, that's all we can do.

We may come to Jesus and ask Him; He will know all about it; if He comes to a little child, he will adapt himself to the language and capacity of a little child.

You get elected, often, if you're a woman, on the strength of the women's vote;

then you get into office, and you have to adapt to an overwhelmingly male environment.

Complete adaptation to environment means death.

The essential point in all response is the desire to control environment.

As a rule, I am very careful to be shallow and conventional where depth and originality are wasted.

They are as much for Mars, as for Mercury; as well qualified for war, as for business.

Reasonable people adapt themselves to the world.

Unreasonable people attempt to adapt the world to themselves. All progress, therefore, depends on unreasonable people.

If the Starbucks secret is a smile when you get your latte.

.. ours is that the Web site adapts to the individual's taste.

Cinema reflects culture and there is no harm in adapting technology, but not at the cost of losing your originality.

It is a miracle of harmony, of the adaptation of the free inner life to the outward necessity of things.

Keep the faith in yourself, in your ability to adapt, to learn, to grow, to get better. That's the key to success.

As a consequence, geneticists described evolution simply as a change in gene frequencies in populations, totally ignoring the fact that evolution consists of the two simultaneous but quite separate phenomena of adaptation and diversification.

Learn to adjust yourself to the conditions you have to endure, but make a point of trying to alter or correct conditions so that they are most favorable to you.

I found out that if you are going to win games, you had better be ready to adapt.

One learns to itch where one can scratch.

In war as in life, it is often necessary when some cherished scheme has failed, to take up the best alternative open, and if so, it is folly not to work for it with all your might.

By taking things personally, you set yourself up to suffer.

The impact on you and the ripple effects on those around you are unhealthy.

A well adjusted person is one who makes the same mistake twice without getting nervous.

It is a wise person that adapts themselves to all contingencies;

it's the fool who always struggles like a swimmer against the current.

For organizations and employees alike, the only real security is the ability to grow, change and adapt.

Enjoying success requires the ability to adapt.

Only by being open to change will you have a true opportunity to get the most from your talent.

The reasonable man adapts himself to the world;

the unreasonable man persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore, all progress depends on the unreasonable man.

The notion that the natural world obeys its own rules and doesn't give a damn about your expectations comes as a massive shock... it will demand that you adapt to it

Who among us has not, in moments of ambition, dreamt of the miracle of a form of poetic prose, musical but without rhythm and rhyme, both supple and staccato enough to adapt itself to the lyrical movements of our souls, the undulating movements of our reveries, and the convulsive movements of our consciences? This obsessive ideal springs above all from frequent contact with enormous cities, from the junction of their innumerable connections.

The assumption must be that those who can see value only in tradition, or versions of it, deny man's ability to adapt to changing circumstances.

Woman is the future of man. That means that the world which was once formed in man's image will now be transformed to the image of woman. The more technical and mechanical, cold and metallic it becomes, the more it will need the kind of warmth that only the woman can give it. If we want to save the world, we must adapt to the woman, let ourselves be led by the woman, let ourselves be penetrated by the Ewigweiblich, the eternally feminine!

Religion has very little to do with the number of babies per woman.

All the religions in the world are fully [able] to maintain their values and adapt to this new world.

We are like the birds. We adapt. We sing.

We're the only creature God ever created that doesn't want to adapt.

We want to make it stand still. And one thing that's constant is nature is constantly changing.

The only way to create a foundational document that could stand the test of time was to build in enough flexibility that later generations would be able to adapt it to their own needs and uses.

There is no more reason to think that they expected the world to remain static than there is to think that any of us holds a crystal ball. The only way to create a foundational document that could stand the test of time was to build in enough flexibility that later generations would be able to adapt it to their own needs and uses.