The greatest discovery of any generation is that a human can alter his life by altering his attitude.

Only by acceptance of the past, can you alter it.

Not he is great who can alter matter, but he who can alter my state of mind.

To alter the universe, alter your thoughts, because the only universe you will ever know is in your mind.

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Characters do not change. Opinions alter, but characters are only developed.

Fashion is a form of ugliness so intolerable that we have to alter it every six months.

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Electric power is everywhere present in unlimited quantities and can drive the world's machinery without the need of coal, oil, gas or any other of the common fuels.

Opinions alter, manners change, creeds rise and fall, but the moral laws are written on the table of eternity.

Our life is what our thoughts make it.

A man will find that as he alters his thoughts toward things and other people, things and other people will alter towards him.

The greatest discovery of my generation is that human beings can alter their lives by altering their attitudes of mind.

God cannot alter the past, but historians can.

Regarding one's career: always be prepared, no short cuts - hard work is the only alternative that really works.

Our tastes greatly alter. The lad does not care for the child's rattle, and the old man does not care for the young man's whore.

Not to alter one's faults is to be faulty indeed.

Time is change; we measure its passing by how much things alter.

I was the classic middle child in some ways, the one who could have been a priest in an alternate universe.

I think you see more of like, the party side of me, which I call Snooki, it's kind of my alter ego.

Any poet, if he is to survive beyond his 25th year, must alter;

he must seek new literary influences; he will have different emotions to express.

Quality is decided by the depth at which the work incorporates the alternatives within itself, and so masters them.

There are two ways of meeting difficulties: you alter the difficulties or you alter yourself meeting them.

There are alternate definitions of manhood in the West.

Sometimes altering your position is the right thing. Sometimes it's not.

Love is not love that alters when it alteration finds.

If we practiced medicine like we practice education, we'd look for the liver on the right side and left side in alternate years.

Free is not an alternative. My company did not turn a profit last year.

A theory has only the alternative of being right or wrong.

A model has a third possibility: it may be right, but irrelevant.

Research has shown that even small amounts of processed food alter the chemical balance in our brain and cause negative mood swings along with noticeable dips ill energy.

I think much has been made of this alter ego business.

I mean, I actually stopped creating characters in 1975 - for albums, anyway.

Too often critics seem more intent on seeking new ways to alter Congress than to truly learn how it functions. They might well profit from the advice of Thomas Huxley, who said a century ago: Sit down before facts as a little child, be prepared to give up every preconceived notionor you shall learn nothing.

Learn to adjust yourself to the conditions you have to endure, but make a point of trying to alter or correct conditions so that they are most favorable to you.

In the multitude of middle-aged men who go about their vocations in a daily course determined for them much in the same way as the tie of their cravats, there is always a good number who once meant to shape their own deeds and alter the world a little.

Silent companions of the lonely hour,Friends, who can never alter or forsake,Who for inconstant roving have no power,And all neglect, perforce, must calmly take,--Let me return to you; this turmoil endingWhich worldly cares have in my spirit wrought,And, o'er your old familiar pages bending,Refresh my mind with many a tranquil thought:Till, haply meeting there, from time to time,Fancies, the audible echo of my own,'Twill be like hearing in a foreign climeMy native language spoke in friendly tone,And with a sort of welcome I shall dwellOn these, my unripe musings, told so well.

Ditch your white panties for yellow ones.

Sounds crazy, but color theorists say your body absorbs the vibration of colors, which, in turn, affects your brain and can actually alter your mood. Yellow connects us.

I also remember the moment my life changed, the moment I finally said, I've had it! I know I'm much more than I'm demonstrating mentally, emotionally, and physically in my life. I made a decision in that moment which was to alter my life forever. I decided to change virtually every aspect of my life. I decided I would never again settle for less than I can be.

Facts are stubborn things; and whatever may be our wishes, our inclinations, or the dictates of our passions, they cannot alter the state of facts and evidence.

What an immense power over the life is the power of possessing distinct aims.

The voice, the dress, the look, the very motion of a person, define and alter when he or she begins to live for a reason.

From our earliest hour we have been taught that the thought of the heart, the shaping of the rain-cloud, the amount of wool that grows on a sheep's back, the length of a drought, and the growing of the corn, depend on nothing that moves immutable, at the heart of all things; but on the changeable will of a changeable being, whom our prayers can alter. To us, from the beginning, Nature has been but a poor plastic thing, to be toyed with this way or that, as man happens to please his deity or not; to go to church or not; to say his prayers right or not; to travel on a Sunday or not. Was it possible for us in an instant to see Nature as she is --the flowing vestment of an unchanging reality?

Altered opinions do not alter a man's character (or do so very little);

but they do illuminate individual aspects of the constellation of his personality which with a different constellation of opinions had hitherto remained dark and unrecognizable.

A trend is a trend is a trend. But the question is, will it bend? Will it alter its course through some unforeseen force and come to a premature end?

Please God, said the embryo, I think that You made me in the shape which I now have for reasons best known to Yourselves, and that it would be rude to change. If I am to have my choice I will stay as I am. I will not alter any of the parts which You have made for me, for other and doubtless inferior tools, and I will stay a defenceless embryo all my life, doing my best to make myself a few feeble implements out of the wood, iron, and other materials which You have seen fit to put before me. If I want a boat I will try to construct it out of trees, and if I want to fly, I will put together a chariot to do it for me.

He that will not apply new remedies, must expect new evils: for Time is the greatest innovator: and if Time, of course, alter things to the worse, and wisdom and counsel shall not alter them to the better, what shall be the end?.

Ceremony and ritual spring from our heart of hearts: those who govern us know it well, for they would sooner deny us bread than dare alter the observance of tradition.

The price we pay for the complexity of life is too high.

When you think of all the effort you have to put in --telephonic, technological and relational --to alter even the slightest bit of behavior in this strange world we call social life, you are left pining for the straightforwardness of primitive peoples and their physical work.

There are no accidents, only nature throwing her weight around.

Even the bomb merely releases energy that nature has put there. Nuclear war would be just a spark in the grandeur of space. Nor can radiation alter nature: she will absorb it all. After the bomb, nature will pick up the cards we have spilled, shuffle them, and begin her game again.

Anxiety is the poison of human life; the parent of many sins and of more miseries. In a world where everything is doubtful, and where we may be disappointed, and be blessed in disappointment, why this restless stir and commotion of mind? Can it alter the cause, or unravel the mystery of human events?

In prehistoric times, mankind often had only two choices in crisis situations: fight or flee. In modern times, humor offers us a third alternative; fight, flee - or laugh.

Education must, be not only a transmission of culture but also a provider of alternative views of the world and a strengthener of the will to explore them.

I waited and worked, and watched the inferior exalted for nearly thirty years;

and when recognition came at last, it was too late to alter events, or to make a difference in living.

The sooner we get started with alternative energy sources and recognize that fossil fuels makes us less secure as a nation, and more dangerous as a planet, the better off we'll be.

We owe it to our children to be better stewards of the environment.

The alternative? - a world without whales. It's too terrible to imagine.

I think the motive is to establish in federal law the personhood from conception forward and try and alter the Constitution through statute.