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    When you are alone - at sea, in the polar dark - an absence can keep you alive. The one you love maintains your mind. But when she's merely across the city, this is an absence that eats you to the bone.

  2. 9

    I'm naive enough to think that love is always good no matter how long ago, no matter the circumstances.

  3. 8

    The best teacher lodges an intent not in the mind but in the heart.

  4. 7

    It is not a person’s depth you must discover, but their ascent. Find their path from depth to ascent.

  5. 6

    The shadow-past is shaped by everything that never happened. Invisible, it melts the present like rain through karst. A biography of longing. It steers us like magnetism, a spirit torque. This is how one becomes undone by a smell, a word, a place, the photo of a mountain of shoes. By love that closes its mouth before calling a name.

  6. 5

    When you put a tremendous amount of love into your work, as in any relationship, you can't know - you can only hope - that what you're offering will in some way be received. You shape your love to artistic demands, to the rigors of your genre. But still, it's a labor of love, and it's the nature of love that you must give it freely.

  7. 4

    Important lessons: look carefully; record what you see. Find a way to make beauty necessary; find a way to make necessity beautiful.

  8. 3

    No one is born just once. If you're lucky, you'll emerge again in someone's arms; or unlucky, wake when the long tail of terror brushes the inside of your skull.

  9. 2

    Love makes you see a place differently, just as you hold differently an object that belongs to someone you love. If you know one landscape well, you will look at all other landscapes differently. And if you learn to love one place, sometimes you can also learn to love another.

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    Long after you’ve forgotten someone’s voice, you can still remember the sound of their happiness or their sadness. You can feel it in your body.

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