1. 10

    No pawn exchanges, no file-opening, no attack.

  2. 9

    Giving up the center must not here be regarded as illogical. Was happiness no happiness because it endured for just a short time? One cannot always be happy.

  3. 8

    If in a battle, I seize a bit of debatable land with a handful of soldiers, without having done anything to prevent an enemy bombardment of the position, would it ever occur to me to speak of a conquest of the terrain in question? Obviously not. Then why should I do so in chess?

  4. 7

    A thorough knowledge of the elements takes us more than half the road to mastership

  5. 6

    How vain are our fears! I thought to myself. Sometimes we fear that which our opponent (or fate) had never even considered! After this, then, is it any longer worthwhile to rack one's brain to find new ghosts to fear? No, indeed: All hail optimism! - upon playing Hermanis Mattison after he overlooked an unusual knight manouevre.

  6. 5

    In the middlegame, the king is merely an extra, but in the endgame, he is one of the star actors.

  7. 4

    The isolated Pawn casts gloom over the entire chessboard

  8. 3

    Many men, many styles; what is chess style but the intangible expression of the will to win.

  9. 2

    The beauty of a move lies not in its appearance but in the thought behind it.

  10. 1

    The passed Pawn is a criminal, who should be kept under lock and key. Mild measures, such as police surveillance, are not sufficient

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