1. 10

    How hard could it be? Is it really going to hurt? You get into that deep well of emotion if you are by yourself. Why am I here? What's the point of going on? If I can't do what I want to do, then what's the point?

  2. 9

    Due to the injuries that I will have for the rest of my life, it is physically impossible for me to consider any career in wrestling.

  3. 8

    I'd rather be good than lucky.

  4. 7

    When you're 20, we all make stupid and impulsive decisions.

  5. 6

    I lead an introverted and boring life here in California.

  6. 5

    People never understood that there was Brian and The Boz. They were two completely different people.

  7. 4

    I deeply regret those situations that have blemished the image of the University of Oklahoma, and I hope that I can rectify the embarrassment I have brought the university.

  8. 3

    All I want is the defining moment.

  9. 2

    Wrestlers are a bunch of wanna-be football players.

  10. 1

    Football is so barbaric. Sometimes I wonder what I was thinking by playing it. I feel almost like I escaped from boot camp.

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