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    What looks like a people problem is often a situation problem.

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    Knowledge is rarely enough to spark change; it takes emotion to bring knowledge to a boil.

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    You've got a good idea, how do you make it stick?

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    Create a need for closure.

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    Grit is not synonymous with hard work. It involves a certain single-mindedness. An ungritty prison inmate will mount a daring new escape attempt every month, but a gritty prison inmate will tunnel his way out one spoonful of concrete at a time. Grit

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    Just look for a strong beginning and a strong ending and get moving.

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    One of my favorite bloggers who can articulate his ideas clearly is Avinash Kaushik. The only problem? His ideas are so awesome his posts are a mile long, but I promise they are worth the time.

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    Success emerges from the quality of the decisions we make and the quantity of luck we receive. We can't control luck. But we can control the way we make choices.

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    Change is hard because people wear themselves out. And that’s the second surprise about change: What looks like laziness is often exhaustion.

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    Mental simulation is not as good as actually doing something. But it's the next best thing. And the right kind of a story is a simulation.

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