Hate a liar more than I hate thief. A thief is only after my salary a liar is after my reality.

— Curtis Jackson

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I love you like a fat kid love cake.


I was born alone and I will die alone.

I've got to do what's right for me and not live my life the way anybody else wants it.


Hate it or love it, the underdogs come out on top.


Show No Love , Cus Love Can Get U killed


The only excuse for being broke is being in Jail.


Love your enemies and hate your friends, your enemies remain the same your friends always change


People are like plants: They grow; they change every day.


Every negative is a positive. The bad things that happen to me, I somehow make them good. That means you can't do anything to hurt me.


Show no love, cause love will get you killed.


Sunny days wouldn't be special, if it wasn't for rain.

Joy wouldn't feel so good, if it wasn't for pain. Death gotta be easy, 'cause life is hard; It'll leave you physically, mentally, and emotionally scarred.


Stay to yourself, just listen. Do more listening than talking. The more you speak the higher the chances you sayin the wrong thing.


I love funny women, and just being around them talking is fine with me. I love an interesting mind.


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I need you to pray for me; I need you to care for me. I need you to want me to win. I need to know where I'm heading, because I know where I've been.


Being broke is against my religion.


If I wrote you a love letter, would you write back?


Concentrate on your money. Try to hold your paper. It takes money to make money, so save your money, opportunites come.


Real man is someone who handles his responsibilities.

Take care of all of his responsibilities. No matter how, by any means take care of your situations.


Death gotta be easy cause life is hard


I feel like you can will yourself into a good space.

Things that are meant to happen, will. If you believe in yourself enough, you can help yourself learn. You can inspire yourself in ways to discipline yourself to a point where you CAN become good enough.


If you start hustling then don't pay a person what they deserve, pay them what they accept. That's good business. Even if you're not hustlin' pay them what they accept because you can capitalize off of people.


If I didn't smell so good would you still hug me?


If you were in a bad relationship and you meet someone new, you're going to leave with your luggage. The next person is going to have to endure things that someone else causes.


Get rich or die tryin'.


A man becomes as attractive as an attractive woman when he becomes successful and is publicly noted. Power`s an aphrodisiac.


My confidence allows me to do things my way and help people make a decision.

People like the idea of me just being me.


I'm not a gangster, I'm not a thug.. I'm just me and if I feel like someone is trying to hurt me.. yeah I'm gonna hurt 'em.. if you come and you ain't coming right I'm gonna blow your head off.


Everybody mad when their paper don't stack right


You shouldn't throw stones if you live in a glass house And if you got a glass jaw, you should watch your mouth Cause I'll break your face...


Power is confidence. The confidence to deliver your answer when you're in a board meeting is what will allow you to move up faster. The confidence to be yourself in front of people creates a separation.


A big mistake people make when they are trying to lose weight is that they stop eating. They'll eat salads once a day and then their body starts trying to protect itself and holds onto the fat.


My past is my shadow, it follows me everywhere I go.

Well, all those things come from when I had no other choice. They put my back against the wall. I do what I gotta do.


what comes around goes around.


You gotta be smart enough to pick up the information as you go.


God's the seamtress that tailor-fitted my pain yo I got scriptures in my brain I can spit at yo dane straight the good book, look, niggas is shook 50 fear no man, warrior swing swords like conana


I have less compassion than the average human.


I need you. I need you to hate, so I can use you for your energy


You have to challenge yourself and your muscles.

When you are really regimented, it's the same over and over and you start to get comfortable. Switching up the style of training works your muscles differently.


When I wasn't killing time in school, I was sparring in the gym or selling crack on the strip.


My grandma pregnant again trying to talk her out of keeping it


Death must be easy cuz life is hard


I'm really sensitive. And they don't understand that, because my most comfortable feeling is anger. So I'll get angry if you said something to hurt my feelings or you're making me uncomfortable, I'll get angry, and be ready to do something about it.


A thug is what I want and a thug is what I need.

And my friends don't understand, and I think it's jealousy.


I like generals. I like Napoleon. I like strategy. The majority of them are praised for mass destruction, but it's exciting to see how it comes to the mind mentally.


God's the seamstress that tailor-fitted my pain.


In Hollywood they say there's no business like show business.

In the hood they say there's no business like ho' business.


When a person completely has nothing but negative interest in you and would like nothing more than to see you in the worst situation possible, then why would you consistently go toward that energy?


If you are ambitious, you are running in a tunnel that never ends.

You will always find something new to go after. [...] I got high for the first time with Get Rich or Die Tryin' and I have been trying to achieve that feeling again since then, all the time.


Be prepared to do whatever you have to do.

If you get put in a situation where your back is up against the wall let your gun go off.


Either you are a victim or you victimize someone and in the hood it's no holds barred. The kid in the schoolyard that doesn't want to fight always leaves with a black eye.

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