What are the TOP 10 film quotes by Dario Argento?

I'm very interested in portraying homosexual man and woman in my films because I'm interested in their lives and their problems.

There's nothing gratuitous about my films.

The Opera was a very cold film, a hopeless and dark film, no hope, no love.

But no one should have the right to manipulate my films in the first place.

But you know, as you say, the original versions of my films are getting out there, slowly.

When I was five. That's when I started to love film.

When I see a film I've finished, it's like another person made it. Like another mind.

To try and raise a budget for a film that is strictly for adults and both strong and graphic in content is not easy, especially when there is pressure to spend serious money on good special effects.

If you make a film normally it's all right, the distributors are helpful and cooperative. But if you make a film that's a little stange, a little bizarre, then all the time it's a struggle with them.

The psychiatrists examine you and ask you about your life and work, and then they decide whether your film can be shown or not. It's a horrible experience.

Top 10 quotes by Dario Argento
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