1. 10

    You have inside you the capacity to invest your mental, emotional, and spiritual gifts in a way that glorifies God, impacts the world, and satisfies your own soul. I believe that-and I want you to believe it, too.

  2. 9

    God loves you as though you are the only person in the world, and He loves everyone the way He loves you.

  3. 8

    If we don’t have the Word of God as the foundation of what we believe, we will have a faulty footing—it will not stand against the elements that will come against us. God has designed both our physical and spiritual lives to be ordered by one key attribute upon which the fruit of the Spirit is based—that foundation is love.

  4. 7

    Everyone we meet is a hero waiting to happen. When Jesus saw people, He envisioned their potential. No respecter of persons, He associated with people from all walks of life.

  5. 6

    Don't wait until the moment of crisis. Plan ahead, hide God's Word in your heart, and pray in advance for victory, holiness, and a life pleasing to God.

  6. 5

    Heaven is not a figment of imagination. It is not a feeling or an emotion. It is not the "Beautiful Isle of Somewhere." It is a prepared place for a prepared people.

  7. 4

    Integrity is keeping a commitment even after circumstances have changed.

  8. 3

    When you follow God's will for your life, you can see how yesterday's events prepared you for today's challenges and tomorrow's opportunities.

  9. 2

    No circumstance, person, or difficulty can stop the plans and the promises of God.

  10. 1

    Prayer is the way you defeat the devil, reach the lost, restore a backslider, strengthen the saints, send missionaries out, cure the sick, accomplish the impossible, and know the will of God.

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