What are the TOP 10 books quotes by Dr. Seuss?

  1. The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you'll go.

  2. Words and pictures are yin and yang. Married, they produce a progeny more interesting than either parent. Be awesome! Be a book nut!

  3. A book is just like life and anything can change.

  4. You can find magic wherever you look. Sit back and relax, all you need is a book.

  5. I can read in red. I can read in blue. I can read in pickle color too.

  6. Virtually every page is a cliffhanger – you’ve got to force them to turn it.

  7. You have to be a speedy reader because there’s so so much to read.

  8. You really can’t teach reading as a science. Love gets mixed up in it.

  9. ‘The Lorax’ book was intended to be propaganda.

  10. I stay out of politics because if I begin thinking too much about politics, I’ll probably… drop writing children’s books and become a political cartoonist again.

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