1. 10

    One must go through life, be it red or blue, stark naked and accompanied by the music of a subtle fisherman, prepared at all times for a celebration.

  2. 9

    Nature is unfair? So much the better, inequality is the only bearable thing, the monotony of equality can only lead us to boredom.

  3. 8

    New York is the cubist, the futurist city. It expresses in its architecture, its life, its spirit, the modern thought.

  4. 7

    You are always looking for already-felt emotions, just as you like to get an old pair of trousers back from the cleaners, which seem new when you don't look too closely. Artists are cleaners, don't let yourself be taken in by them. True modern works of art are made not by artists but quite simply by men.

  5. 6

    My ass contemplates those who talk behind my back.

  6. 5

    A free spirit takes liberties even with liberty itself.

  7. 4

    Pain has its reasons, pleasure is totally indifferent.

  8. 3

    Art must be unaesthetic in the extreme, useless and impossible to justify.

  9. 2

    The devil follows me day and night because he is afraid to be alone.

  10. 1

    A new gadget that lasts only five minutes is worth more than an immortal work that bores everyone.

  11. Last Update: 1 October 2022

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