Don't leave today's work for tomorrow.

Every frog must know its pond.

Strive each day to make your life purer, richer, and more luminous.

You will subtly and imperceptibly lead all of creation heavenward.

There are some common problems in the Balkans in the settlement of which Bulgaria should also participate.

Literacy is much more than an educational priority - it is the ultimate investment in the future and the first step towards all the new forms of literacy required in the twenty-first century. We wish to see a century where every child is able to read and to use this skill to gain autonomy.

Instead of looking for love, give it;

constantly renew it in yourself and you will always feel its presence within you. It will always be there smiling at you, gazing on you kindly.

The day I acquired the habit of consciously pronouncing the words "thank you", I felt I had gained possession of a magic wand capable of transforming everything.

Whatever your trials, remind yourself that you are a spirit and are capable of changing your destiny.

Peace is the result of an inner state of harmony.

It is not obtained by eliminating anything external, it is inside ourselves that we must find and suppress the causes of war.

Curation is more than packaging-it is to help readers [discern] what is important in the world.

Not only must the most privileged feel they are brothers and sisters of the most destitute, but the most destitute must feel as well that something within them makes them equal to the greatest sages and geniuses.

You enrich people with creative resources, and over time, these Lego bricks that end up in their heads eventually build this enormous, incredible castle.

You can't find stupidity in the forest.

The depressed person is a radical, sullen atheist.

You are not going to see me puffing around the pitch.

There is a saying in Bulgaria that great quality doesn’t require much effort.

If you see to it each day that your conduct is impeccable, the following day will be completely clear, and you will be free to carry out your plans, always vigilant that you leave no loose ends. In this way, each new day will find you free and well disposed.

Naming suffering, exalting it, dissecting it into its smallest components – that is doubtless a way to curb mourning.

Abjection is above all ambiguity. Because, while releasing a hold, it does not radically cut off the subject from what threatens it --- on the contrary, abjection acknowledges it to be in perpetual danger.

Presence is far more intricate and rewarding an art than productivity.

Education brings sustainability to all the development goals, and literacy is the foundation of all learning. It provides individuals with the skills to understand the world and shape it, to participate in democratic processes and have a voice, and also to strengthen their cultural identity.

Do not direct all your energies towards seeking pleasure but rather towards a sublime ideal. Your energies will then serve you and contribute to the realisation of your goal or ideal.

We are a collage of our interests, our influences, our inspirations, all the fragmentary impressions we've collected by being alive and awake to the world. Who we "are" is simply a finely curated catalog of those.

The best thing at the tournament were the cheerleaders.

Transparency is not about restoring trust in institutions.

Transparency is the politics of managing mistrust.

Be curious. Be constantly, consistently, indiscriminatel y curious.

The history of the genocide perpetrated during the Second World War does not belong to the past only. It is a ‘living history’ that concerns us all, regardless of our background, culture, or religion. Other genocides have occurred after the Holocaust, on several continents. How can we draw better lessons from the past?

Once they said they can only stop me with a pistol but today you need a machine gun to stop Messi.

The work of art is a scream of freedom.

Literacy is the door to knowledge, essential to individual self-esteem and empowerment. Books, in all forms, play an essential role here.

A tree is a being that is more spiritual than material.

Soccer is simple... you just need to have the right mentality, fighting in every game, in every practice and for every ball.

This year - a factory of semiconductors. Next year - a factory of whole conductors!

If you understand football you make substitutions during the game, if you don't you make comments after it.

We must make a radical turn, at 360 degrees.

Hungry bear doesn't dance.

It can't be, that the wolf is full, and the lamb is alive.

All murder is a tragedy but when journalists are killed, public debate loses a voice that can provide an important contribution to democracy. It is essential that governments do all they can to ensure safe conditions for journalists to carry out their work.

A good journalist is not the one that writes what people say, but the one that writes what he is supposed to write.

There are really cool or funny videos, or visually stunning photos, and that's fine, but none of them really give you more when you close that tab, you know? I try to find stuff that a little bit, in a tiny way changes how you see something about the world.

Put in the superlatives yourselves, I'm running out.

Money doesn't thrill me or make me play better because there are benefits to being wealthy.

I'm a very creative person in general.

I like to create stuff in my downtime off the court. If I were to tell you everything I do, you would be like, "Do you really play tennis?"

Ако ще нарушаваш постите, по-добре го направи със свинско, а не с извара.

Of course, in no case would we allow the creation of a regional union in the Balkans, directed against the Soviet Union and Bulgaria.

Our chronic discomfort with ambiguity - which, ironically, is critical to both our creativity and the richness of our lives - leads us to lock down safe, comfortable, familiar interpretations, even if they are only partial representations of or fully disconnected from reality.

Bulgaria has been deindustrialized by interest groups who extracted state assets like oil states extract the oil in their ground.

Artist Allen Crawford brings Whitman's undying text to new life in gorgeous hand-lettering and illustrations, transforming the 60-page poem originally published in 1855 as the centerpiece of Leaves of Grass into a breathtaking 256-page piece of art.

Тоз, който падне в бой за свобода, той не умира. Who fells in fight for freedom, doesn't dies.

No power can rule this head, who is ready to be separated from its body in the name of freedom and the good of all humanity. / Няма власт над оная глава, която е готова да се отдели от плещите си в името на свободата и за благото на цялото човечество.

The police belongs to the people and the people belong to the police.

All forms of books make a valuable contribution to education and the dissemination of culture and information. The diversity of books and editorial content is a source of enrichment that we must support through appropriate public policies and protect from uniformity.