Sometimes your disappointments make you a stronger person for the future.

Although we didn't have much when I was growing up in Split, Croatia, my parents always tried to ensure that my sister and I had the things we needed, and it was enough for us.

The trouble with me is that every match I play against five opponents: umpire, crowd, ball boys, court, and myself.

If I can't serve on grass, I can maybe help cut the grass, paint the lines and serve some strawberries.

I don't care now if I ever win a match in my life again.

Whatever I do in my life, wherever I go, I'm going to be always Wimbledon champion.

I have so many runner-up cups that I am thinking of starting my own tea shop.

People don't come to stadiums only to see results.

They come to see a reaction, they want to see we are also human, that we can cry or laugh.

You can't slow the game here. It's grass, it's always going to be fast.

Ivan Lendl's never going to be a great player on grass.

The only time he comes to the net is to shake your hand.

My fines? I pay more fines than some guys' career prize money on the tour.

When I won Wimbledon, I said to God: just let me win this one tournament and I won't play another match. Maybe God's telling me to go home, but I don't want to go home. We are negotiating at the moment.

With me, you never know what is going to happen

I think I owe it to myself and my fans in Britain to play one more Wimbledon.

Easy was, like, spending time with Jennifer on set.

Difficult stuff about character is, it was a little bit like just being the only one with no superhuman powers.

At her birthday, my seven-year-old daughter will say that she wants these big cakes and certain expensive toys as presents, and I can't say no to her. It would just break my heart. But when I was little, for birthdays we just played outside and we were happy if we got any cake.

Actually, I tossed it nicely, landed nicely, like airplane.

No warning, beautiful. That's the art of throwing racquets.

All I ever wanted to do was act.

I like so much wearing heels, legs look so much better, everything looks better. But it's only recently I've had the courage to do that.

Since retiring I have spent a lot of time with my family, on my boat, and playing football.

I must be the only player in the world who ever injured himself for a tournament by stepping on a shell on the beach. I don't know what I'm going to do.

Thank god my wife is neither a Serb nor a Jew.

Winning Wimbledon was a great feeling and it is still a great feeling.

It has given me so much confidence.

I am the only girl in the family so everyone pampered me.

It's great, but there is one problem.

She doesn't sleep. At night she seems to turn into a vampire. She wakes up every night five or 10 times, asking for things, singing, calling out.

I still break racquets, but now I do it in a positive way.

After I won a match at a tournament I tried to repeat everything I did the day I won. Before my next match, I ate the same food, I went to the same restaurant etc. Sometimes it got very boring.

Every generation has its own Goran. So I was the Goran of this generation.

I don't understand the word 'hunk.

I don't want to lose my accent, I just want it to become smaller.

Making my English better is a hard job, a slow job.

But it's getting better. Three years ago it would have taken me a half hour to say this sentence.

When I started in my career, my sister was very sick so I play for her because we didn't have money.

My tattoo is a cross, a rose and a shark.

A cross is a cross, a rose like love and a shark is a pretty tough animal.

Lately, my mind is like an orchestra.

If you don't have the conductor, you don't know what to do. One guy is playing jazz, one guy is playing rock and roll, another classical. It's a big mess.

The estimated loss of up to six million dead is founded too much on both emotional, biased testimonies and on exaggerated data in the postwar reckonings of war crimes and on the squaring of accounts with the defeated.

It's fun to be there with the guys, to practice with them, arrange the balls, do this, do that, but when you play you can get some of this nervousness out of your system.

As soon as I step on the court I just try to play tennis and don't find excuses.

You know, I just lost because I lost, not because my arm was sore.

If a great part comes up and the guy's meant to have an Eastern European accent, great; but if it's a bad part I won't take it.

Acting is my job.

I'm always trying to be a good ambassador for my country.

I realized that health is the most important thing and that all the other things come with time if you are devoted enough.

The Olympics must be my curse or something.

I believe the reason for my early independence is sport, through which I learnt at an early stage to take care of myself and be disciplined.

Competing helps me to polish my shape.

A good career is a long-lasting career.

When you're there in every competition doing a good job you're a part of an elite, and that's the most important thing.

People like scandals.

Since I became a favorite in every race, it's just another burden that I have to bear.

I don't rank competitions - every single one is the Olympics to me.

The best book I read this year was 'The Da Vinci Code.'

My sporting hero was Drazen Petrovic, the NBA basketball player, who was killed in a car accident in 1993. He was a good friend, an unbelievable player, and I dedicated my Wimbledon win to him.

There are not many Irish people playing tennis!