A beautiful thing is never perfect.

Learn politeness from the impolite.

Because we focused on the snake, we missed the scorpion.

Pride and dignity would belong to women if only men would leave them alone.

Run as hard as a wild beast if you will, but you won't get any reward greater than that destined for you.

You can tell whether a man is clever by his answers. You can tell whether a man is wise by his questions.

 image quote by Egyptian Proverbs

Know yourself... and you shall know the Gods.

Put a rope around your neck and many will be happy to drag you along.

The tyrant is only the slave turned inside out.

A man's ruin lies in his tongue.

Making money selling manure is better than losing money selling musk.

Malice drinketh its own poison.

Pride goes before a fall.

The sources of human problems have to do with egotism, 'I.'

Be patient with a bad neighbor: he may move or face misfortune.

The barking of a dog does not disturb the man on a camel.

Making love? It's a communion with a woman.

The bed is the holy table. There I find passion -- and purification.

If there were no fault, there would be no pardon.

It makes the heart to tremble when you open an undiscovered tomb.

Peace is more precious than a piece of land.

Pride goeth before destruction, and a haughty spirit before a fall.

Mankind is poised midway between the gods and the beasts.

All strange and terrible events are welcome, but comforts we despise.

The world is on a bumpy journey to a new destination and the New Normal.

Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.

I'm very wary about giving advice. I think it's very dangerous to give advice to people, except if you know them very well.

There can be hope only for a society which acts as one big family, not as many separate ones.

My honour was not yielded, but conquered merely.

I will reveal the secrets behind these doors.

Sharon is capable of making peace.

Knowledge, if it does not determine action, is dead to us.

Put by for a rainy day.

Pride feels no pain.

I had too many big passions in life and it gets in the way of work.

You can't concentrate properly on the one thing.

I want to live every moment totally and intensely.

Even when I'm giving an interview or talking to people, that's all that I'm thinking about.

So, we need to delegitimize the nuclear weapon, and by de-legitimizing.

.. meaning trying to develop a different system of security that does not depend on nuclear deterrence.

Celerity is never more admired than by the negligent.

Calm can solve all issues.

The world sees in our conduct, in our behaviour, the proof that we are the real children of God.

If everyone got a divorce and looked for a second wife, the Coptic family would lose its moral compass.

We are not going to toy with our religion or any other.

Nor are we going to barter. We are here to extend our hands to build peace and harmony.

We have reached a stage in human history where we have no option: We must lower our egos.

Indulge not thyself in the passion of anger;

it is whetting a sword to wound thine own breast, or murder thy friend.

Rwanda was considered a second-class operation;

because it was a small country, we had been able to maintain a kind of status quo. They were negotiating, they'd accepted the new peace project, so we were under the impression that everything would be solved easily.

It was a mistake. I was wrong, but I discovered this many years later. I was acting on the basis of this mandate given me by the most important leaders of the world: President Bush's father, prime minister of France, President Mitterand, the Chinese, everybody.

But I believe that the DPKO at this time was very much involved with American administration and was acting, taking on consideration the demand or the recommendation of the American administration. American administration was very powerful.

But at the beginning, our definition of the genocide was what happened to Armenia in 1917 or 1919, it's happened to the Jew in Europe, and we were not realizing - In our point of view, they have not the tools to do a genocide.

When you have an accident, they will save their own people, and those who have worked with you or with the NGOs are left. Unfortunately, this happens always. It is not an excuse at all.

We were not realizing that, with just a machete, you can do a genocide.

We got involved in the Rwanda peace process for the simple reason that there was a decision which was taken by the Security Council, because the troops were in Uganda, and we decided to have a military presence.

There is a greater fatigue concerning the African problem today than five or 10 years ago. The situation now in Africa is worse today than it was 10 years ago.