Life can give everything to whoever tries to understand and is willing to receive new knowledge.

Nobody can see the trouble I see, nobody knows my sorrow.

You are the strongest when relaxed and at peace

An educated person must learn to act justly, beginning, first of all, with his thoughts, then later in his deeds. That is what it means to be educated.

It's proper that people have friends, friendships without self-interest.

Without friends, life is too lonely.

The idiot was not a lot of thinking, which is an important move on.

Smart people mostly think, consequently never stepped

 image quote by R.A. Kartini

We believe, if someone dares to start, many will follow.

Humankind is able to create new conditions, a new reality.

We are not fated to swim forever among the realities that are here now. ... Everything that is worthwhile in human civilization has not only originated from but has been inspired by dreams, by imagination.

For a homebody like me, the evolution of gadgets has been a blessing.

Do not underestimate the human being, who sometimes appears so simple.

Even with sight as sharp as an eagle, a mind as sharp as a razor, senses more powerful than gods, hearing that can catch the music and the lamentations of life, your knowledge of humanity will never be total.

I will not close my eyes, neither those in my head nor those in my soul, as the ship carries me away, along with my future, my dreams, and my beliefs. Buru Island is no happy land somewhere; it's but a way station on my journey in life—though to believe even that much will require no small measure of hope.

I came to see that man finds meaning in his existence only through the active demonstration of his human self, a cosmos comprising the entire constellation of life's factors: culture, civilization, tradition, history, ideals, facts, physical conditions, one's mental state, the ecology, and so on.

I'm not an idealist anymore, I'm a bitter realist.

Happiness is actually found in simple things, such as taking my nephew around the island by bicycle or seeing the stars at night. We go to coffee shops or see airplanes land at the airport.

The fracture of pencil still useful, but the fracture of soul, we couldn't use it, Mister.

I did not succeed in everything I did.

And even where it did seem I was succeeding it was not always the case. The human heart has a million facets.

In art, vitality is the chaotic initial state; beauty is the cosmic final state.

The meaning of spirituality is to be healthy and happy;

to be physically, emotionally and mentally strong. We can't find this with imagination. We must practice.

Every award for me is important because it means a slap against militarism and fascism in Indonesia.

I want to love you simply, in words not spoken: tinder to the flame which transforms it to ash I want to love you simply, in signs not expressed: clouds to the rain which make them evanescent (Aku Ingin-I Want)

Here I am, a wild beast cut off from his companions.

My story is the story of forgotten people and the voice of the voiceless.

I always tell my clients to be tough, to be strong.

Never weaken yourself. I believe God favors only strong persons.

I changed the course of my life, from the rigidity of mathematics and the corporate rhythm to a more bohemian world.

I want to encourage our people, to educate our people to have the courage to understand and fight for their rights.

I am a person who always tries not to be easily influenced by position or achievement. I thank God for the fact that I can share more kindness and a good quality of life through the popularity. Not for the popularity itself.

We are trying to solve the problem of haze in the spirit of good neighbourliness with Malaysia but are also hoping that other ASEAN member countries are taking notice and willing to lend a helping hand.

I am the only one who is not married among my siblings.

Indonesia isn't the most beautiful country in the world.

I don't think so. Italy is much lovelier - and France too. It's a very problematic country. And that's why you have to stay here for the rest of your life. Indonesia is a process. It's not a finished idea. It's a practice, and a trial and error.

There's a sense that we've obtained from various quarters in the Security Council that the notion of an international tribunal is not really practical. Certainly Indonesia is not convinced, and we get a sense that the rest of the Security Council will need to be convinced about the recommendations.

The PBSI (Indonesian Badminton Association) have to work harder to widen the pool and find quality players. The present indifferent culture has to change.

The remission to Abu Bakar Bashir is not a reflection on the individual per se rather than the application of the remission program, which is applied in general.

We have received unconfirmed reports out of our embassy in Amman in Jordan that two Indonesian nationals, or precisely two Indonesian reporters ... have been taken away by armed individuals.

Writing is taking a risk, and it is actually fighting invisible and invincible enemies. They are over-confidence, stupidity, expectation and narcissism.

From a building right in front of my windows, I can observe the speed of the sunrises and sunsets. The voices of children playing, laughing, yelling, and crying on the playground crawl up to the eighth floor, where I write. Their voices sound so innocent from a distance.

I absolutely love Indonesian restaurants! We have many Indonesian restaurants in Jakarta and I'd like to be able to visit all of them to taste their food. When I visit a restaurant, I get so many references for food and am inspired to create Indonesian cuisine in my own way.

Every good teaching may still end up producing evil bandits who have no principles whatsoever, an outcome even more likely when the teacher is also a bandit.

I always wanted to do something that revolves around the darker side of sex, the pressure of it.

Vegetables, herbs and spices. If you can combine those ingredients, that would be the best dish you'd ever cook!

At the beginning of all growth, everything imitates.

A mother knows what her child's gone through, even if she didn't see it herself.

Such was the love of this grandson for his grandmother that two years after the death of his mother, when she herself fell gravely ill, he vowed to her that someday he would try to tell the world her life story. 'But why?' she asked humbly. 'I'm no one, just a girl from the coast' 'But you are everyone, Grandma,' the young Pramoedya told her. 'You are all the people who have ever had to fight to make this life their own.

Painting is literature in colors. Literature is painting in language.

The flower draws its life energy from the soil and from the sun.

We are very similar. We continuously receive energy from the earth through our feet and from the air. Energy is everywhere, like love. We just have to open ourselves up to receive it.

The impact of NCDs is not only affecting the urban populations but also rural poor. This is compounding the basic problem of poverty.

We find it difficult to comprehend, and we deeply regret the decision as it is discriminatory in the sense that it targeted certain countries without a clear reason.

It also has potential to cause problems to individuals who had nothing to do with the terrorism issue.

Through the Australians, and the Japanese, too, I suppose, the Americans get their message across, but not in a heavy-handed way.

Even though no one admits it, writers are leaders in their communities.

When journalism is silenced, literature must speak.

Because while journalism speaks with facts, literature speaks with truth.

I do not want to bring anything when I die, my knowledge should be shared with this world.