Shah is a kind of magic word with the Persian people.

I wish the world was run by women. Women who have given birth and know the value of their creation.

We are not afraid of nuclear weapons.

The point is that if we had in fact wanted to build a nuclear bomb, we are brave enough to say that we want it. But we never do that.

When a person is humiliated, when his rights are being violated, and he does not have the proper education, naturally he gravitates toward terrorism.

Lots of times you can feel as an exile in a country that you were born in.

When Karim and his group heard about Saddam coming, they wanted to kill him, but fate had other ideas.

The wave of the Islamic revolution will soon reach the entire world.

Iranians defend and present their Islamic and Iranian identity to other people worldwide.

For hundreds of years Iranians have been migrating to many parts of the world.

They took Islamic culture to other parts of the world and established it there.

Fortunately, Iranians are politically active worldwide.

Our nation is today a powerful nation.

Our enemies can deal a blow to us any time they wish.

They did not wait for permission to do this. They do not deal a blow with prior notice. They do not take action because they can't.

Our dear country, Iran, throughout history has been subject to threats.

The system of domination is founded on depriving nations of their true identity.

It seeks to deprive nations of their culture, identity, self-confidence and in this way dominate them.

Technical knowledge has now become an integral aspect of the Iranian psyche.

One can not impede scientific progress.

Nuclear energy is the scientific achievement of the Iranian nation.

People should have freedom in their pilgrimages and tours.

They should come and visit historical monuments and sites - let's say the sites around Iran - where they can easily engage in wide- scale contacts with others.

We believe that visa quotas should be lifted and people should visit anywhere they wish freely.

We desire an expansion of relations with regional states and the establishment of extensive public contacts.

It is not just for a few states to sit and veto global approvals.

The UN structure is one-sided, stacked against the world of Islam.

Today, the Muslim world is the poorest of the global powers.

Global equations undergo changes, this is their nature.

For this reason, the expansion of relations with all countries is on the agenda of the Islamic Republic of Iran. I mean balanced relationships, based on mutual respect and observation of each other's rights.

The winner must promote social jusitce, remove corruption and discrmination, and stand against political, cultural and economic plots.

The vote, cast in a free atmosphere and with all inclinations and parties at present, was after all a vote to the Islamic Republic, to national independence, to the Constitution and to the Islamic causes.

The honor of about 30 million votes remains with the Iranian nation and no enemy scheme would take away this dignity and honor from the Iranian nation.

The winner of the elections which saw the participation of almsot 30 million people was the Iranian nation and the losers were those who tried to keep people away from the polls.

We seriously suspect the agents of the Americans and Israelis in conducting such horrendous terrorist acts and cannot believe the people who kidnap Philippines nationals, for instance, or behead U.S. nationals are Muslims.

Do not, under any circumstances, belittle a work of fiction by trying to turn it into a carbon copy of real life; what we search for in fiction is not so much reality but the epiphany of truth.

You don't read Gatsby, I said, to learn whether adultery is good or bad but to learn about how complicated issues such as adultery and fidelity and marriage are. A great novel heightens your senses and sensitivity to the complexities of life and of individuals, and prevents you from the self-righteousness that sees morality in fixed formulas about good and evil.

Nothing is so good for an ignorant man as silence and if he was sensible of this he would not be ignorant.

If the invaders reach Iran, the country will turn into a burning hell for them.

Women are the victims of this patriarchal culture, but they are also its carriers. Let us keep in mind that every oppressive man was raised in the confines of his mother's home.

When we criticize in Iran the actions of the government, the fundamentalists say that we and the Bush Administration are in the same camp. The funny thing is that human rights activists and Mr. Bush can never be situated in the same group.

What is important is that one utilizes one's intellect and not to be 100 percent sure about one's convictions. One should always leave room for doubt.

We must not enable anyone to impose his personal view regarding religion on others by force, oppression, or pressure.

The idea of cultural relativism is nothing but an excuse to violate human rights.

The condition of women in Islamic societies as a whole is also far from desirable. However, we should acknowledge that there are differences. In certain countries, the conditions are much better and in others much worse.

My aim is to show that those governments that violate the rights of people by invoking the name of Islam have been misusing Islam.

I maintain that nothing useful and lasting can emerge from violence.

Human rights is a universal standard. It is a component of every religion and every civilization.

How can you defy fear? Fear is a human instinct, just like hunger.

Whether you like it or not, you become hungry. Similarly with fear. But I have learned to train myself to live with this fear.

Democracy doesn't recognize east or west;

democracy is simply people's will. Therefore, I do not acknowledge that there are various models of democracy; there is just democracy itself.

You need imagination in order to imagine a future that doesn't exist.

Unfortunately for governments like that of Iran, when they forbid something, people become more interested.

My main mistake was to have made an ancient people advance by forced marches toward independence, health, culture, affluence, comfort.

Let me tell you quite bluntly that this king business has given me personally nothing but headaches.

My advisers built a wall between myself and my people.

I didn't realize what was happening. When I woke up, I had lost my people.