I believe that you should gravitate to people who are doing productive and positive things with their lives.

You should also appreciate the goodness around you, and surround yourself with positive people.

Write books only if you are going to say in them the things you would never dare confide to anyone.

A distant enemy is always preferable to one at the gate.

By all evidence we are in the world to do nothing.

I worked hard in gymnastics since the time I was six years old until I retired at 23 years of age.

 image quote by Romanian Proverbs

When a thing is done, advice comes too late.

We inhabit a language rather than a country.

We interest others by the misfortune we spread around us.

To venture upon an undertaking of any kind, even the most insignificant, is to sacrifice to envy.

Woes and wonders of Power, that tonic hell, synthesis of poison and panacea.

Life is possible only by the deficiencies of our imagination and memory.

In every man sleeps a prophet, and when he wakes there is a little more evil in the world.

 image quote by Nadia Comaneci

Don't run from a challenge. Instead run toward it, because the only way to escape fear is to trample it beneath your feet.

A golden rule: to leave an incomplete image of oneself.

You cannot be anything if you want to be everything.

These airplanes we have today are no more than a perfection of a child's toy made of paper.

In my opinion, we should search for a completely different flying machine, based on other flying principles.

I imagine a future aircraft, which will take off vertically, fly as usual, and land vertically. This flying machine should have no moving parts. This idea came from the huge power of cyclones.

I did not even look at the scoreboard when my routine was done in 1976.

Near the end of my career, I saw things that didn't make too much sense to me when I was a kid.

When you go out of your country and meet people, you get a wider perspective.

I am a relaxed person. I am very happy.

What can you know about life at 14? I have learned a lot since, but you learn slowly. You get hit by many things and try to make sense of it.

Once you become an Olympic champion, you are expected to win all the time.

When I went into the Montreal Games, nobody expected much out of me.

I'm the kind of person, I leave a little space for better.

I used to tell people if they looked at a map, it was right in the middle of the United States. But now everybody knows Oklahoma because of the Thunder and their success. I don't know if I'll get 'Why?' anymore.

Nellie Kim, an Olympic champion from the former Soviet Union, got a 10 right after me in '76, but nobody talks about that.

I tell people, 'Have you ever been to Oklahoma? There are a lot of nice people there that do wonderful things.'

I never thought I would be standing here, married to an All-American guy, living in Oklahoma. What a country.

I come from a wonderful country with wonderful people.

Two gold medals and two silver, I don't think is that bad... I think I still did a pretty good job.

I was turning actually 15 at the Olympics in '76.

.. I don't think that one year makes a huge difference.

I think gymnastics was associated with the 10.

I thought that belonged to the sport, and somehow we gave it way.

At the end of the day, I just want to see good gymnastics!

If I was a boy, nobody would care that I worked out six, seven hours a day when I was 9 years old, no? Why were people always saying 'poor little girl?' I liked to work out and always did more than I was asked to.

My mother never watched me train in Romania.

She wasn't allowed, it just wasn't done back then. My training was paid for by the government. My parents were not at the Olympics with me, either. I never expected them to be.

I thought celebrity meant Hollywood, that's it.

I began to see that does include Olympians. People have so much respect for Olympians.

I didn't realize that winning the Olympics at age 14 automatically put me in the category of being a celebrity.

It feels good when you come to a place like Oklahoma to charge up the batteries. I need that.

I cannot change anything, so I don't want to think about what I would have done.

I don't think many people consider in their heart that they have two places that are home.

I'm very good friends with my former coaches. We speak on the phone a lot.

I always say I don't want to change anything in my life.

If I was 14 or 15 again, I would do the same thing.

I've done everything. I think I've accomplished more than I had in mind.

I would love to be in 'Dancing With the Stars.'

That's what everybody remembers. They don't remember how many medals I won in my career. They remember the 10s.

I basically have my life today as a result of what I did as a child.

What did I miss out on? Yeah, I missed not hanging out at shopping malls, I guess, but that is not a big deal because you don't get a medal for that.

When I look back, I am happy that my mum took me to the gymnastics club.

I didn't join gymnastics to become a famous athlete or celebrity; it just happened - I did more than I expected, of course.

I never personally complained; everybody else complained for me.

People assume a lot of things about gymnasts - that the girls work too hard, it's way too much for them, they are too young to work so hard.