If you're a woman, it's almost impossible to establish a relationship.

You're too much for everybody. It's too much. The woman always has to play this role of being fragile and dependent. And if you're not, they're fascinated by you, but only for a little while. And then they want to change you and crush you. And then they leave.

A great artist has to be ready to fail.

We only have one life and one body to care of, and we better do it right.

You never know what tomorrow may bring and so we better live this life the best we can and be grateful for everything we have.

If we go for the easy way, then we never change.

Grouping and mutuality of countries and peoples in the Balkans is the only road that leads to economic, national and political liberation.

Unlimited enmity of the Albanian people against Serbia is the foremost real result of the Albanian policies of the Serbian government. The second and more dangerous result is the strengthening of two big powers in Albania, which have the greatest interests in the Balkans.

There has been enough blood in the Balkans.

Serbia is offering its hand. Let us turn to the future and not deal with the past.

I never wanted an independent Bosnia. I wanted Yugoslavia. That is my country.

The tradition in Serbia has always been team sports - football, basketball, handball, volleyball and water polo, individual sports are not supported.

A smile is a curve that can straighten out a lot of problems.

Let us turn to the future and not deal with the past.

We all get heavier as we get older because there's a lot more information in our heads.

In Serbia a lot of people hate me because they want to westernize, not understanding that the western world is bipolar, with very good things and very bad things.

Time is an illusion. Time only exists when we think about the past and the future. Time doesn't exist in the present here and now.

In my case, I can sincerely say that nothing is impossible.

.. When I was saying I want to be No. 1 of the world, and I was seven or eight years old, most of the people were laughing at me because it seems like I have one percent of chances to do that, and I've done it.

The body has an enormous power of healing, if you really believe you are going to be healed, you're going to be healed. If you really believe you're going to die, you're going to die. If you apply this kind of method to everything, then there is hope.

Tennis is a mental game. Everyone is fit, everyone hits great forehands and backhands.

I know that success does not come at once, it is not a thing achieved overnight.

It is the result of many, many, many years of working and trying to achieve goals.

I am the greatest tennis player. The other players are like coins in my pocket that I give to a homeless man.

You have to believe on the court. In the end, it's mental. In these moments against a great champion like Rafa, you have to believe. It's all about stepping in and taking your chances. I always believed, but it's a process of learning.

Be humble, for the worst thing in the world is of the same stuff as you;

be confident, for the stars are of the same stuff as you.

I had to listen to the classical music because it calms me down, calms my nerves down.

I stopped thinking too much about what could happen and relied on my physical and mental strength to play the right shots at the right time.

I decided to play tennis not because I wanted to be a professional player, but because my parents wanted me to get involved in something so I wouldnt be running around the streets in Serbia.

I believe stories are very important to all performances.

The life story of the performer shapes their work, and the life stories of the audience alter how they receive the work, what they read into the performer.

The only thing I have learned is to find strength in yourself.

No one can help you, no one can do anything for you, you have to do the work yourself.

To me the pain and the blood are merely means of artistic expression.

For preserving peace of soul, it is also necessary to avoid judging others.

People ask why there are so few female artists who succeed.

It's because women are not ready to sacrifice as much as men. Women want a man, they want a family, they want to have children, they want to be loved, and to be an artist. And they can't; it's impossible.

It is my goal to win every time I play.

But on the other hand, I also seek a balance of compassion and respect for the other players. I understand that everyone goes through difficult times, either mentally or physically, to cope with their life, to live the sport.

Let us be ashamed of our slowness in thanking God when He gives, and of our quickness in grumbling at Him when He takes away.

For every man, peace of soul is precious.

With those who have attained peace of soul, the body can be in constant motion; in work, in pain, but their souls, affixed to God, always remain in unwavering peace.

For if God does not for a moment tire of giving us good things, how can we tire of thanking Him for these good things?

If you are really true to yourself and really follow your intuition in the most rigorous way, there is a moment that becomes universal, that reaches everybody. That’s the real magic of Björk-she teaches us the courage to be ourselves.

I don't like to compare years, honestly.

I think every year is a different experience, a different challenge. You grow. You evolve as a person and as a player.

Joking around is part of my personality, just who I am.

What you get is the opening of your mind.

I'm not preaching any new religion; I'm ritualizing everyday activities. You drink the water. You count the rice. You sit in Crystal Cave. You lie in Levitation Chamber. You push yourself to a new level.

It's very important that young artists push boundaries, because sometimes you have this urge to do something - like the impulsive and dangerous urges I had as a child - and if you don't follow through with it you might miss out on a developmental experience.

Tennis players we're always playing in center courts that feel like arenas.

And when we get on the court and the crowd cheers your name or salutes you - it's like you're a gladiator in the arena. And everyone is cheering - and you're fighting, you're screaming, during your strokes - it feels like you're an animal, fighting for your life.

First of all, to do performance art, you really have to give 100 percent.

I only know that I have to give 100 percent and then what happens, happens.

I am grateful to life. And also to the people who have brought me here. Without them, I could not be where I am now.

I'm a happy man, because I am successful in what I do, of course;

but what makes me most happy is I have people around me that I love and who love me back. This, for me, is the most important thing. Nobody likes to be alone.

In the direction that your fear is growing, you're on the right path.

You can't play the role of a victim all your life without becoming one in the end.

O Lord Most-wise, strengthen us by Your power that we not fear the non-believing world neither when they lash us with whips nor when they insult us with words for Your sake.

In every culture, [there are those] shamans or medicine men who endured incredible physical pain, because it's a door opening to the subconsciousness. And the way we can actually control the pain -- it's how to control everything. This is the key.

You see, what is my purpose of performance artist is to stage certain difficulties and stage the fear the primordial fear of pain, of dying, all of which we have in our lives, and then stage them in front of audience and go through them and tell the audience, I'm your mirror; if I can do this in my life, you can do it in yours.

If you play good attack, you win the game, but, if you play good defence you win championships

My mother and father had a terrible marriage.

They celebrated their wedding anniversary one year with their friends. Why did they celebrate? Maybe because they had lasted so many years without killing each other.

I would have liked to catch hold of sleep at least once, just as I had been resolved to catch hold of death one day, to catch hold of the wings of the angel of sleep when it came for me, to grab it with two fingers like a butterfly after sneaking up on it from behind. [...] My sleep game was practice for the grand struggle with death.