Cry out loud once. Look at the mirror & shake it off. I've cried like that before & others will have times like that too. Cheer up. You're not alone.

No matter what I say, honestly, people would only judge me the way they want to.

I wanted to show the real side of me because of the unfair things that people said about me, but I realized that it was impossible and tried to think of why people thought of me in that manner.

Those who give up cannot gain victory.

” It’s not victory that is so important, but the fighting spirit. Even if you fail, I think even just the attitude of not giving up is beautiful in itself.

One who wants to wear the crown, bears the crown.

A smart man can't beat a hardworking man and a hard working man can't beat a happy working man.

Always have your own opinion and belief.

You could remove the powerful preaching from our church and it would still continue. You could remove the administration of pastoral care through the cell group system and the church would still continue. But if you remove the prayer life of our church it would collapse.

The man don't make the vision; the vision makes the man.

My fans are my lovers, my friends, my family, my Everything

Without even knowing, a person goes around scattering their heart.

That's why if you're with a smiling person, you end up smiling with them.

A good song receives love forever.

People with good hearts are the ultimate winners.

Don't let your emotions get the best of you and blind you from the truth.

I think I have changed a lot. People might feel a little unfamiliar with the new me, but this is just who I am. I realised that I just want to be free.

Believe in yourself, even if you feel like turning back at times.

Don't run away. Little by little you will get closer to achieving your dreams.

Live well. Love deep. Tomorrow, we die.


Have you ever played ping pong up against a wall? You get exhausted a lot quicker than playing against someone. It's the same with getting angry. If you keep getting angry on your own, all that anger will just come back to you.

You're speaking coldly towards me but why is it that my heart isn't getting cold at all? Is it because your heart is saying something else? Is it because there's something else you're hoping that I'll hear? So tell me the real reason. Why are you doing this? I'll become your strength. I have the confidence to do that.

Big Bang is what made me who I am today.

With them, I laugh the most, and I feel like I can achieve things

There were times when i felt in a slump or lonely but i never thought of giving up

I think you have to be who you truly are and love who you are (to be beautiful).

It's also important to be free and honest, enjoying life and having fun. In conclusion, ... I am who I am.


Before 'Gangnam Style' I was not a good attitude artist.

Never give up! All you have to do is try again.

Making rich people richer doesn't make the rest of us richer.

All of us have times when we think we are ugly,but all.

of us have a unique beauty others do not have.

Even the most complex problem is resolved in the end.

Because if there's a question, there also is an answer.

I want my wife to wake me up with a sweet kiss

You cannot appreciate the beauty of the sky at night without these five shining lights.

Once you realize that trickle-down economics does not work, you will see the excessive tax cuts for the rick as what they are -- a simple upward redistribution of income, rather than a way to make all of us richer, as we were told.

The energy of life entering and leaving your body flows evenly throughout the universe. With that current, the mind of the cosmos communicates with all things.

I sing with all my heart and when I see the audience feel it too, I feel so touched I get goosebumps…To my fans, I would like to say, 'I will work harder', rather than to say, 'I love you' because I believe that sincerity has its way of getting across to touch hearts.

The world's most famous and popular language is music.

To me, life without soccer would be like living a mindless and empty life.

When I was three years old, I went to an orphanage, but because of the beatings, I ran away when I was five and lived alone by selling gum on the streets. For ten years, I lived like a fly. I was eventually able to graduate elementary and middle school through qualification examinations and the first thing that I ever liked was music.

I think it would be really fun to film a drama in a foreign country.

If the opportunity presents itself, I want to film a Chinese production.

Are you smiling? I'm so angry it kills me.

So angry I'm going crazy. I'm just going to wait today. Just today.

Every single word you have spoken is sharp, sarcastic and twisted.

When I thought you were abnormal you suddenly turned out to be normal. When I thought you were normal you turned out to be abnormal.

I am still a student. My classmates study really hard, so I feel like I should too. But they always say things like: “You don't have to.”, “Aren't you busy?”, “Just give up, you have another way.”; But I don't think that's right. There's no reason for me to give up, I didn't quit high school.

There are no boundaries or limits when it comes to love

I can eat everything; chocolate, hamburgers, pizza, go to McDonalds, Burger King, KFC. It's all in my body.

People don't smile because they're happy. They're happy because they smile.

I might not know where you are or what you are doing right now, but if you hear my voice will you come to me?

From the outside, I seem happy a lot. But, I'm human and it's not possible to always be happy.

Rather than becoming the best, I want to become a singer with meaning.

Well, if you're talking about perfection, I'll show you the image of my backside.

There are a lot of people who don't think girl groups last very long, but Girls' Generation wants to break that theory.

I used to be very ambitious. But reality taught me that ambition won't get you everything you want. You need more than just passion and hope. It's important to do what I'm good at and suits me.

An open mind is the secret in making friends.

Heaven...a place where there is neither sufferings, sadness nor separation... Now we climb the stairways to heaven one step by one step and when we ascend, we will live.