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The fundamental problem is that there's no credibility in the judicial system, which is a system that's been completely politicized. This is retaliation and selective repression. Leopoldo Lopez, politician
  • completely

Judgement comes from experience, and experience comes from bad judgement. Simon Bolivar, revolutionary
  • bad

I'm taking my time. I feel much more confident, and every day I feel like I'm getting better. Miguel Cabrera, athlete
  • confident

When I was coming up, I just wanted to play baseball and I'm doing what I love to do most. How can I feel pressure doing what I love to do? Miguel Cabrera, athlete
  • baseball

I feel like the same person, but I feel as if I need to work twice as much now. Miguel Cabrera, athlete
  • feel

If you go to a game nervous, you make a mistake. Miguel Cabrera, athlete
  • game

I'm just trying to play my best and have fun. Miguel Cabrera, athlete
  • best

Repressive regimes do not endure change willingly - and Venezuela is no exception. Leopoldo Lopez, politician
  • change

A national primary election would electrify the people and give them a larger stake in the outcome. Leopoldo Lopez, politician
  • election

The infrastructure, institutions and social fabric of Venezuela are deteriorating, and people realize the Chavez government has been the problem, not the solution. Leopoldo Lopez, politician
  • chavez

We must not allow the practices of an anti-democratic State that abuses the powers of government to violate the human rights of Venezuelans. Leopoldo Lopez, politician
  • allow

Our arguments - and those of hundreds more Venezuelans suffering the same injustice - are clear and forceful: political disqualification violates laws in Venezuela and throughout the continent. Leopoldo Lopez, politician
  • clear


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