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    I'm not superwoman. It's impossible to do everything 100 percent all of the time. And suggesting that women should be able to do it only puts more pressure on them.

  2. 9

    I joke that I reached the bimbo trifecta when I came to Fox News! In being a former Miss America, being blonde and then Fox.

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    The first time I was asked whether women can "have it all" was at the Miss America pageant. I said no. I didn't mean that women shouldn't fully pursue their dreams, only that we need to be honest with ourselves.

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    The discipline learned from putting in time and effort as a child is a skill and a talent you carry with you for the rest of your life in trying to achieve goals.

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    If you Google me, you'll find plenty of "dumb blonde" references - even though I graduated with honors from Stanford and studied at Oxford University. I don't let it bother me.

  6. 5

    Self esteem is built from the inside out and that is my inspiring message to all people.

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    My hope is that when people read my story, it will inspire them to reach for their goals and not give up. The real story is this: if I can do it, you can too.

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    Here we go again. Pandering to the .3 percent of the American population that consider themselves transgender. Now I get to explain this to my 8-year-old, if I just wanted to watch a nice family show with some nice music.

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    I'm a big believer in always challenging yourself and learning new skills.

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    Forcing victims of sexual harassment into secret arbitration proceedings is wrong because it means that nobody ever finds out what really happened.

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