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    Spend at least some of your training time, and other parts of your day, concentrating on what you are doing in training and visualizing your success.

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    Running gives me a clearer perspective on the world, and it makes me feel special. I've never been a traditional tourist. I've always seen the world by running, and that has allowed me to view things in a different way. Places look different in the early-morning hours, when the streets are deserted.

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    My basic philosophy can be summed up by an expression we use in Norwegian: hurry slowly. Get there, but be patient.

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    For every finish-line tape a runner breaks -- complete with the cheers of the crowd and the clicking of hundreds of cameras -- there are the hours of hard and often lonely work that rarely gets talked about.

  5. 6

    You've got to look for tough competition. You've got to want to beat the best.

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    I am about to get involved with the biggest cancer hospital in Norway. They are building a fitness center to work with patients. I will be a consultant.

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    I am living in Norway, where I am under the care of the best cancer doctor in Norway and I can be closer to my family.

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    Another inspiration that has helped me get through has been Lance Armstrong's story. My cancer is not nearly as bad as his, but I believe in staying motivated and keeping as fit as you can.

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    The worst injury I ever had was a stress fracture from running.

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    There is something about the ritual of the race - putting on the number, lining up, being timed - that brings out the best in us.

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