What are the TOP 10 life quotes by Hillary Clinton?

  1. I feel very blessed to have a partner in life who supports me, who is enthusiastic about what I want to do, who has been a great father, and who will be a fabulous grandfather.

  2. The first lesson I've learned is that no matter what you do in your life, you have to figure out your own internal rhythms - I mean, what works for you doesn't necessarily work for your friend.

  3. The family I'm from, well, no one had their name on big buildings. My family were builders of a different kind. Builders in the way most American families are. They used whatever tools they had - whatever God gave them - and whatever life in America provided - and built better lives and better futures for their kids.

  4. Showing up is not all of life - but it counts for a lot.

  5. Sometimes, in public life, people ask inappropriate, off-the-wall kinds of questions, don't they?

  6. Forgiveness is a way of opening up the doors again and moving forward, whether it's a personal life or a national life.

  7. I don't think feminism, as I understand the definition, implies the rejection of maternal values, nurturing children, caring about the men in your life. That is just nonsense to me.

  8. You know, everybody has setbacks in their life, and everybody falls short of whatever goals they might set for themselves. That's part of living and coming to terms with who you are as a person.

  9. I don't think about a legacy; I think about my life, because I've had quite an unpredictable life.

  10. I feel like I have had the most amazing life in my public service.

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