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    There is great joy in leading with authority, which is serving others by meeting their legitimate needs.

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    Forgiving behavior is dealing with situations as they arise in an assertive manner and then letting go of any lingering resentment. As the leader, if you are not able to let go of the resentment, it will consume you and render you ineffective.

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    Power: The ability to force or coerce someone to do your will, even if they would choose not to, because of your position or your might.

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    To have a healthy and thriving business, there must be healthy relationships with the C.E.O.S. in the organization and I'm not referring to the Chief Executive Offficers. I am talking about the Customers, the Employees, the Owner (or stockholders), and the Suppliers.

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    Who then is the greatest leader? The one who has served the most.

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    Authority: The skill of getting people to willingly do your will, because of your personal influence.

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    Serving others breaks you free from the shackles of self and self-absorption that choke out the joy of living.

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    ...leaders who do not hold their people accountable to a set standard are, in effect, thieves and liars. Thieves because they are stealing from the stockholder who pays them to hold people accountable, and liars because they pretend that everything is OK with their people when in fact everything is not OK.

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    Leadership: The skill of influencing people to work enthusiastically toward goals identified as being for the common good.

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    As leaders we do not create growth. The best we can do is create an environment that is conducive to growth. It is like planting a garden. You do not cause the seeds to grow. To grow is their natural purpose in life.

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