1. 10

    Stop trying to be someone you're not. Be what you're good at, be you.

  2. 9

    Every day is something new. It's kind of like Hurricane Katrina. Some days I'm recording or going shopping or having a group orgy. Maybe today I'll go to Louis Vuitton and have sex with a straight guy. I have to balance my time.

  3. 8

    I probably spend six hours on just my mascara. I like to get that "Hi I want to ******* kill you" look.

  4. 7

    Thank God for Redbull and fake eyelashes.

  5. 6

    Sometimes you have to forget and forgive. Forgive them for hurting you and forget that they exist!

  6. 5

    I hope one day it won't matter who you're in love with. Gender is just a word. LOVE is beautiful. labels are for assholes. don't ever stop being yourselves.

  7. 4

    You wanna Know who your true friends are? Screw up and see who’s still there.

  8. 3

    Sweet as sugar, hard as ice. Hurt me once, I'll kill you twice.

  9. 2

    Remember that true beauty comes from within - from within bottles, jars, compacts, and lipstick tubes

  10. 1

    Haters are just confused admirers because they can't figure out the reason why everyone loves you.

  11. Last Update: 16 January 2022

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