1. 10

    We only get what we believe that we deserve. Raise the bar, raise your standards and you will receive a better outcome.

  2. 9

    You decide every day who you will and will not be. Be bold in your decision but remember, choose wisely.

  3. 8

    Your full potential can only be awaken by the spirit of a powerful and positive attitude.

  4. 7

    Conquer all your fears and you'll be amazed at how awesome your life can become.

  5. 6

    The 'Amazing' can only be created by facing fear, risk and failure during the process.

  6. 5

    The awesome thing about failure is that it is only temporary. Embrace it, learn the lesson and come back blazing.

  7. 4

    It's not the failures in our life that define us, it's the moments when we decide that getting back up is all that matters

  8. 3

    If you surround yourself with positive people who build you up, the sky is the limit.

  9. 2

    The only thing that stands between you and your dream is the will to try and the belief that it is actually possible.

  10. 1

    Most people chasing their dreams don't see the bigger picture, they just see the silhouette. Make the vision real!

  11. Last Update: 6 December 2022

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