1. 10

    Always we try to put the wild in a cage.

  2. 9

    People knew less of each other, perhaps, but they felt more free of each other, and so were more individual. The entire world was not for them only a push or a switch away. Strangers were strange, and sometimes with an exciting, beautiful strangeness. It may be better for humanity that we should communicate more and more.

  3. 8

    In essence the Renaissance was simply the green end of one of civilization's hardest winters.

  4. 7

    There are many reasons why novelists write, but they all have one thing in common - a need to create an alternative world.

  5. 6

    The pronoun is one of the most terrifying masks man has invented.

  6. 5

    Another reason I think the novel will survive is that the reader has to work in a novel. In a film, you are presented with someone else's imagination exactly bodied out. The marvelous thing about a novel is that every reader will imagine even the very simplest sentence slightly differently.

  7. 4

    But I think the most harmful change brought about by Victorian science in our attitude to nature lies in the demand that our relation with it must be purposive, industrious, always seeking greater knowledge.

  8. 3

    In some mysterious way woods have never seemed to me to be static things. In physical terms, I move through them; yet in metaphysical ones, they seem to move through me.

  9. 2

    There comes a time in each life like a point of fulcrum. At that time you must accept yourself. It is not anymore what you will become. It is what you are and always will be.

  10. 1

    The most important questions in life can never be answered by anyone except oneself.

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