What are the TOP 10 love quotes by Kenneth Branagh?

It's very strange that the people you love are often the people you're most cruel to.

Being Irish, I always had this love of words.

I think we love the escapism of something like 'Cinderella,' and I think we do with 'Thor.'

I feel more Irish than English. I feel freer than British, more visceral, with a love of language. Shot through with fire in some way. That's why I resist being appropriated as the current repository of Shakespeare on the planet. That would mean I'm part of the English cultural elite, and I am utterly ill-fitted to be.

I've always loved the Bond films.

Do you know what I feel about Dr. Who's? I feel the same way as I do about the Bonds. I love them all. I love them all! I don't have favorites.

I've always loved pure, silly slapstick comedy. It always makes me laugh.

I love thrillers, and I always have.

When you cast someone like Natalie Portman, the character can't just be the love interest.

I did 'Love's Labour's Lost' in the theater and found it to be riotously funny.

Top 10 quotes by Kenneth Branagh
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