What are the TOP 10 love quotes by Khalid?

  1. For me, love is endless, and love has no age limit.

  2. Falling in love in high school and falling out of love - it's very digital. I've had breakups where they've called me to tell me we were done, and I've gotten a lot of text messages from an old girlfriend letting me know how she felt about me after we had ended everything.

  3. I love visiting my friends because it makes me feel normal.

  4. I gotta spread all this love that I have for myself, I gotta spread it to everybody else, because my positivity is going to change at least one person's day a day, and that's all that matters to me.

  5. I just love matching sets. Tops and bottoms that are the same color are awesome to me, because you can get them in so many different colors - neon colors.

  6. Love crosses all boundaries.

  7. I'd love to collaborate with Frank Ocean. He's one of my favorite artists of all time.

  8. I had originally planned to do musical theatre and be on Broadway, but then my love for poetry also set in. Once that happened, I became torn between a career as an English teacher or a music teacher.

  9. I feel like we go through different stages of love. When you get a little bit older, love starts to feel different, but you see that love has always been there.

  10. With 'Location' and all the other songs around it, my music turned into therapy for others. And that's something I really love and am blown away by.

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