What are the TOP 10 music quotes by Khalid?

  1. There's been a time where I was like, I wanna be a folk singer; no, I wanna sing soul. I want to sing classical music. I want to sing R&B. I want to be on Broadway. I just wanna sing. Whatever comes out of my mouth, that's what I want to do.

  2. As an artist, I never want to be a moment. I want to be a legacy, and I want my music to touch people for years to come.

  3. I can't play an instrument to save my life. But when I'm creating, and when I'm making music, I feel like I'm the head of the orchestra, and I'm just waving my wand, and something is created.

  4. I would never have been able to find my voice if I didn't have music education.

  5. I had originally planned to do musical theatre and be on Broadway, but then my love for poetry also set in. Once that happened, I became torn between a career as an English teacher or a music teacher.

  6. When I wanted to be a music teacher, I wanted to help people through voice. Now, I get to help people out through song.

  7. Art is fluid, and it travels. You have to let music take you where it wants to take you. You can't necessarily be the controller.

  8. I was very confused with where my life was heading, but I knew that whatever I did, music was going to be involved.

  9. With 'Location' and all the other songs around it, my music turned into therapy for others. And that's something I really love and am blown away by.

  10. In my home, we listened to music all the time. I was raised through music, and I've been interested in it since I was three.

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