1. 10

    That person who is the hardest to forgive is the one who can teach you the greatest lessons. When you love yourself enough to rise above the old situation, then understanding and forgiveness will be easy. And you'll be free.

  2. 9

    I love myself, therefore, I behave in a loving way to all people for I know that that which I give out returns to me multiplied.

  3. 8

    I am grateful for being alive today. It is my joy and pleasure to live another wonderful day.

  4. 7

    I have noticed that the Universe loves gratitude. The more grateful you are, the more goodies you get. When I say 'goodies', I don't mean only material things. I mean all the people, places and experiences that make life so wonderfully worth living.

  5. 6

    Life is very simple. What I give out comes back to me. Today, I choose to give love.

  6. 5

    Life is a lottery that we've already won. But most people have not cashed in their tickets.

  7. 4

    I cannot change another person. I let others be who they are, and I simply love who I am.

  8. 3

    I choose to make the rest of my life the best of my life.

  9. 2

    Today is a new day. Today is a day for you to begin creating a joyous, fulfilling life. Today is the day to begin to release all your limitations. Today is the day for you to learn the secrets of life. You can change your life for the better. You already have the tools within you to do so. These tools are your thoughts and your beliefs.

  10. 1

    I do not fix problems. I fix my thinking. Then problems fix themselves.

  11. Last Update: 8 February 2023

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