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    I make it a policy every election to only debate once, Democrats and Progressives. And I will say that the way that you have acted, very candidly, has been dishonorable in this entire campaign.

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    I've been demonized as a racist and an extremist. Now, no matter what I say, I mean, I've served in the military with people of all ethnicities and all races but it doesn't matter what I say, I still get demonized and implied to be a racist. So if anybody has any questions on where I stand on that they can ask my good friend Doug Taft who is sitting here on the side and ask him what he thinks about me being a racist.

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    The correct answer is the University Titans, the West Valley Eagles, the Central Valley Bears, the East Valley Knights, the Riverside Rams. The fact you don't even know an answer to the question like [naming all the Spokane Valley High School Mascots] means you don't even know the district. How can you represent the district if you don't even know it?

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    We don't attack any veteran, at all, ever, for their service record. We thank them. And the fact that somebody wanted to do that for political gain, shows the desperation of which some people unfortunately in the Republican Party want to keep and seize power.

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    If you're wanting me to besmirch somebody's reputation so that there would be some sort of division created out of it, I'm not going to do that ... If you're asking if I believe my opponent is a fake conservative, the answer to that question is yes, 100 percent.

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    Sheriff Knezovich's bill was poorly-written and not constitutional, according to many attorneys, including myself, that reviewed it. We want to go forward with something that's going to stand up to the scrutiny that all bills go under once they've been passed into law.

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    Are you saying we shouldn't be prepared? And I'm asking you that right now, Daniel. ... Why would you be against people being able not only to be prepared to have food and water for their friends, but to defend themselves from looters and some of these degradation of society that happen in these crises?

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    I am saddened by the release by a national media outlet of my opponent's involvement in pornography. I strongly condemn the release of this information. Our campaign was aware of this information several months ago, and made a very determined decision to not use or disperse this information in any way, shape,or form.

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    'An order is an order' was not an excuse to do the wrong thing. You couldn't just blindly follow a government order ... This whole issue of should the Supreme Court be the final arbiter of what is or isn't constitutional, was settled at Nuremberg. People everywhere need to understand and need to follow that.

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    A duplicitous country with a duplicitous leadership is going to give us more duplicity. And that duplicity is going lead us off an abyss. That's going to happen.

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