1. 10

    It should not be taken in a hot climate. If you are in a place that is cool and peaceful, and you are alone and your mind is turned toward God, then you may take the yogi medicine.

  2. 9

    The best service you can do is to keep your thoughts on God. Keep God in mind every minute.

  3. 8

    Love everyone, serve everyone, remember God, and tell the truth.

  4. 7

    The whole universe is our home and all residing in it belong to our family... instead of trying to see God in a particular appearance, it is better to see him in everything.

  5. 6

    A pure woman is better than a hundred yogis. Women are more open to love God.

  6. 5

    All religions are the same. They all lead to God. God is everybody ... The same blood flows through us all, the arms, the legs, the heart, all are the same. See no difference. See all the same.

  7. 4

    Attachment is the strongest block to realization.

  8. 3

    When you are sad or in pain or sick or you witness any cremation then you actually learn the many truths of life.

  9. 2

    If you want to see God, kill desires. Desires are in the mind. When you have a desire for something, don't act on it and it will go away. If you desire to drink this cup of tea, don't, and the desire for it will go away.

  10. 1

    Even if a person hurts you, give him love. The worst punishment is to throw someone out of your heart... You should love everyone as God, and love each other. If you cannot love each other, you cannot achieve your goal.

  11. Last Update: 28 January 2023

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