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    Instead of saying that globalization is a fact, that it's inevitable, we've also got to demonstrate that while the growing interdependence of the world economy is indeed a fact, it's not uncontrollable.

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    I do not share the half-in, half-out attitude to the EU of some in Britain. Britain's place is in Europe.

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    Essentially we need a new social consensus for economic reform as New Labour has achieved in Britain.

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    For too long, decisions have been taken behind closed doors - tablets of stone have simply been past down to people without bothering to involve people, listen to their views or give them information about what we are doing and why.

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    If the constitutional treaty is rejected it will be back to square one, just at a time when we want Europe to be a more effective force for good in the world, when we need to buttress ourselves against the pressures and insecurities of globalization.

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    We've got to demonstrate why European unity and integration, our vast single market, our single currency, equip us with the strength to embrace globalization.

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    In my experience of these things, parties which shout about dirty tricks and the like tend to do so because they fear a direct hit in some vulnerable part of their political anatomy.

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    We are intensely relaxed about people getting filthy rich.

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    I'm a fighter, not a quitter.

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    They want to derail peace because they want to plunge Northern Ireland back into armed conflict.

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