1. Learn to use your brain power. Critical thinking is the key to creative problem solving in business.

  2. Two bricklayers work side by side. The first lays bricks. The second builds magnificent cathedrals. Think small vs. think big.

  3. I think business leaders all over the world should not just think of how we can make lots of money, which is fine, but to take some of the problems in the world and get out there and tackle them using business. I think that if businesses do that we can get on top of these problems.

  4. Always think, 'what's the worst that can happen' and have some kind of strategy to deal with it

  5. It's worrying to think more than half the world's population lacks internet access and therefore lacks an equal opportunity to improve their lives.

  6. I think it's important we continue to find new ways for start-up businesses to get access to funding, mentorship and business advice.

  7. As people's access to the internet grows we're seeing the sharing economy boom - I think our obsession with ownership is at a tipping point and the sharing economy is part of the antidote for that.

  8. I think entrepreneurship is our natural state--a big adult word that probably boils down to something much more obvious like playfulness.

  9. Can you afford to ignore China? It's like saying you can afford to ignore the internet. I don't think so.

  10. I'm hopeful that after Iraq, those in charge will think twice about taking us down that route again.


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