1. 10

    It is one thing to record an album but it's a huge difference when people play it and listen to it and embrace it the way that I do. It has always been my dream to get my music out to the world and have people hear it.

  2. 9

    Never underestimate a man's ability to make you feel guilty for his mistakes.

  3. 8

    Love isn't complicated, people are.

  4. 7

    We found love in a hopeless place.

  5. 6

    I don't do things for the response or for the controversy. I just live my life.

  6. 5

    My new one (tattoo) says 'Never a failure, always a lesson' and is kind of my mantra to life, just a reminder. My life is just a crazy rollercoaster every day and whenever I read that it just reassures me.

  7. 4

    I drink a lot of coconut water. It balances out all the other toxic stuff I put into my body.

  8. 3

    Hurt me with the truth,don't comfort me with a lie.

  9. 2

    Keep your eyes on the finish line and not on the turmoil around you.

  10. 1

    Spend time with people who know how to use their days well. Just as iron sharpens iron, positive people will inspire you to be positive.

  11. Last Update: 16 January 2022

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