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    If you're unwilling to leave someplace you've outgrown, you will never reach your full potential. To be the best, you have to constantly be challenging yourself, raising the bar, pushing the limits of what you can do. Don't stand still, leap forward.

  2. 9

    It's your purpose to leave the world better than how you found it.

  3. 8

    I train to be the best in the world on my worst day

  4. 7

    One thing that I learned from judo... Maximum efficiency and minimum effort.

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    You have to fight because you can't count on anyone else fighting for you. And you have to fight for people who can't fight for themselves. To get anything of real value, you have to fight for it.

  6. 5

    Judo taught me that I am capable of anything... I can mentally push past anything and be victorious.

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    The confusing thing is we now live in a society where it's not illegal to be an asshole, but it's illegal to slap one.

  8. 3

    You have to have fear in order to have courage.

  9. 2

    Some people like to call me cocky or arrogant, but I just think 'how dare you assume I should think less of myself'

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    One of my mom's best lines is... You're not training to be the best in the world, you're training to be the best in the world on your worst day.

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