What are the TOP 10 love quotes by RuPaul?

Personally, I experience success when I enjoy what I'm doing. I love the creative process, even if the end result isn't embraced by anyone else.

I love games. My favorite thing on this planet to do is to play games. And if you don't enjoy games, then you're really missing the point of what this life is.

People deal with grief in many different ways. And some people in show business parade their relationships around like an accessory, and others like to keep it separate from business and commerce. It's perfectly fine to say, 'I actually don't want to talk about my love because that's not part of the fantasy world I created in commerce.'

Throughout my life, I have always believed in love; I've always put my heart in love. But I've seen fear take people so often. It's very scary.

I think drag is universal, no matter who does it. I mean, yeah, I am homosexual, but I think everybody likes to toy with their image. I love those guys. I love Milton Berle and Flip Wilson and all those people.

I love drag, and I love people who gravitate toward it. Because the people who do drag are people who dance to the beat of a different drummer.

I love the creativity and the social and political aspects of drag.

I love Ashford & Simpson, and I love the Brothers Gibb. They are amazing.

My love life has never been of interest to people. Of course I have a love life; I have a real life outside of show business.

I'm a pop victim. I love pop music; I love pop culture. I love Olivia Newton-John.

Top 10 quotes by RuPaul
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