1. 10

    Unfinished business is our worst business. Perpetual procrastination must yield to perceptive preparation. Today we have a little more time to bless others-time to be kinder, more compassionate, quicker to thank and slower to scold, more generous in sharing, more gracious in caring.

  2. 9

    While we are free to choose, once we have made those choices, we are tied to the consequences of those choices.

  3. 8

    Who are we? We are children of God. Our potential is unlimited. Our inheritance is sacred. May we always honor that heritage - in every thought and deed.

  4. 7

    The temple endowment was given by revelation. Thus, it is best understood by revelation, prayerfully sought with a sincere heart.

  5. 6

    Keep studying the scriptures, keep doing the things that build your faith in Jesus Christ and then notice the wise choices you are naturally drawn to make

  6. 5

    The wise use of your freedom to make your own decisions is crucial to your spiritual growth, now and for eternity. You are never too young to learn, never too old to change. Your yearnings to learn and change come from a divinely instilled striving for eternal progression. Each day brings opportunity for decisions for eternity.

  7. 4

    You can change. You can 'come unto Christ, and be perfected in him.'

  8. 3

    We were born to die and we die to live. As seedlings of God, we barely blossom on earth; we fully flower in heaven.

  9. 2

    A covenant made with God should be regarded not as restrictive but as protective.

  10. 1

    Be patient with yourself. Perfection comes not in this life, but in the next life. Don't demand things that are unreasonable, but demand of yourself improvement. As you let the Lord help you through that, He will make the difference.

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