1. 10

    The monarchy is finished. It was finished a while ago, but they're still making the corpses dance.

  2. 9

    8.45 a.m. My mother is in the hospital grounds smoking a cigarette. She is looking old and haggard. All the debauchery is catching up with her.

  3. 8

    I think we take it for granted that if you are with your husband after 30 years, then he is the love of your life.

  4. 7

    I am from the working class. I am now what I was then. No amount of balsamic vinegar and Prada handbags could make me forget what it was like to be poor.

  5. 6

    There's only one thing more boring than listening to other people's dreams, and that's listening to their problems.

  6. 5

    I married two weeks after my 18th birthday, far too young, and by the time I was 23 I was a single mother of three small children, Sean, Daniel and Victoria, living in a prefab house.

  7. 4

    Most social problems could be helped or prevented if people had more money and practical advice.

  8. 3

    Love is the only thing that keeps me sane.

  9. 2

    Yes, I hate it when people call me a 'national treasure'. It takes away your bite and makes you feel like a harmless old golden Labrador.

  10. 1

    Will you lie to me and promise to read them? Books need to be read. The pages need to be turned.

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