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    American movies and music deliver themes of freedom, innocence, and power that appeal to others - partly because America itself was put together out of a multiplicity of national traditions.

  2. 9

    Americas are, for a variety of reasons, the most adept at producing the kind of entertainment that delivers easy satisfactions.

  3. 8

    Human inertia makes the everyday environment, the furniture, as it were, appear to be a given.

  4. 7

    It's an old anarchist dream that people can take care of their own lives.

  5. 6

    We may repeat the awful revolutionary history of the 20th century because of the vulnerability of social movements to demagoguery.

  6. 5

    A century of convulsive change leaves huge demographic gouge marks.

  7. 4

    Navigation is power of a limited sort - it enables us to manage the immensity of the media torrent.

  8. 3

    My business is the analytical framework.

  9. 2

    Mills insisted that a sociologist's proper subject was the intersection of biography and history.

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    The moguls are driven by their respective desires for profit - period.

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