Remember that you are unique. If that is not fulfilled, then something wonderful has been lost.

The body can do amazing things in a situation when it is really called for.

Genius is another word for magic, and the whole point of magic is that it is inexplicable.

The essence of all art is to have pleasure in giving pleasure

I believe in prayer. It's the best way we have to draw strength from heaven.

Practice means to perform, over and over again in the face of all obstacles, some act of vision, of faith, of desire. Practice is a means of inviting the perfection desired.

 image quote by Twyla Tharp

Art is the only way to run away without leaving home.

I didn't have any doubts about my choice of career, but I had constant doubts about my ability, yes.

Any intelligent woman who reads the marriage contract and then goes into it, deserves all the consequences.

You are unique, and if that is not fulfilled, then something has been lost.

Think of the magic of that foot, comparatively small, upon which your whole weight rests. It's a miracle, and the dance is a celebration of that miracle.

Great dancers are not great because of their technique; they are great because of their passion.

The creative urge is the demon that will not accept anything second rate.

 image quote by Anna Pavlova

Success depends in a very large measure upon individual initiative and exertion, and cannot be achieved except by a dint of hard work.

The finest inheritance you can give to a child is to allow it to make its own way, completely on its own feet.

No matter how dark the moment, love and hope are always possible.

So long as little children are allowed to suffer, there is no true love in this world.

There is pain and sacrifice in everyone's world. That's why, when I was dancing, I had no pain.

'Age' is the acceptance of a term of years. But maturity is the glory of years.

Perhaps he was a bit different from other people, but what really sympathetic person is not a little mad?

What one has not experienced, one will never understand in print.

A lot of people insisted on a wall between modern dance and ballet.

I'm beginning to think that walls are very unhealthy things.

We have the capacity to receive messages from the stars and the songs of the night winds.

Once I started dancing, I was not the spoiled brat or the rebellious child that I was as a child.

But what was my motivation was music, and the fact that I love to move around.

I'm always moving around.

Dance is the hidden language of the soul

It's not magic! It's physics. The speed of the turn is what keeps you upright. It's like a spinning top.

I believe that my whole creative life stemmed from this magic hour under the stars on that hilltop.

I learned to love dance for its own sake.

She was chronologically in luck. She corresponded to necessity.

I danced with passion to spite the music.

Dance is bigger than the physical body.

When you extend your arm, it doesn't stop at the end of your fingers, because you're dancing bigger than that; you're dancing spirit.

So that ends my first experience of matrimony, which I always thought a highly over-rated performance.

If I only made dances about my own experience in dance, it would always be on my track, and I don't want that, I want to be on the track of where dance can take me.

Dance is for everybody. I believe that the dance came from the people and that it should always be delivered back to the people.

Sometimes you don't know what you've got until you put it in front of an audience - and the enthusiasm for the show from the audience has been just incredible.

When you get on stage, you can be anything. You are removed from reality in a way, the real world.

And I just thought, this is what I want to be.

And I knew that dancing would be my chosen profession.

As soon as I hear music, something in me starts to vibrate.

All that is important is this one moment in movement.

Make the moment important, vital, and worth living. Do not let it slip away unnoticed and unused.

I've had this reoccurring dream for the last ten to fifteen years.

I copied my brother. He was a natural dancer. Graceful. People always asked did we study ballet. We never did.

Whenever I hear, 'It can't be done,' I know I'm close to success.

Technique is what you fall back on when you run out of inspiration.

Theater is a verb before it is a noun, an act before it is a place.

I used to want the words "She tried" on my tombstone. Now I want "She did it."

Art is not necessary at all. All that is necessary to make this world a better place to live in is to love - to love as Christ loved, as Buddha loved.

Learn by practice.

The things we truly love stay with us always, locked in our hearts as long as life remains.

The body is a sacred garment.

To me, a building - if it's beautiful - is the love of one man, he's made it out of his love for space, materials, things like that.

Art is the only way to run away without leaving home.