Too many people overvalue what they are not and undervalue what they are.

I could either watch it happen or be part of it.

When something is important enough, you do it even if the odds are not in your favor.

Your legacy is being written by yourself. Make the right decisions.

Having a positive mental attitude is asking how something can be done rather than saying it can't be done.

I want to die on Mars, just not on impact.

 image quote by Kim Garst

You have only got three choices in life: give up, give in, or give it all you've got.

Enthusiasm is excitement with inspiration, motivation, and a pinch of creativity.

Not managing your time and making excuses are two bad habits. Don't put them both together by claiming you "don't have the time".

The purpose of education is to replace an empty mind with an open one

If you never budge, don't expect a push.

Thinking well to be wise: planning well, wiser: doing well wisest and best of all.

A dream becomes a goal when action is taken toward its achievement.

 image quote by Chris Gardner

Do something that makes you happy and makes you feel good about yourself.

I think that's the single best piece of advice: constantly think about how you could be doing things better and questioning yourself.

A rejection is nothing more than a necessary step in the pursuit of success.

For every good reason there is to lie, there is a better reason to tell the truth.

Those who enjoy responsibility usually get it; those who merely like exercising authority usually lose it.

Diversity: the art of thinking independently together.

It's so much easier to suggest solutions when you don't know too much about the problem.

 image quote by Gary Vaynerchuk

No matter what you do, your job is to tell your story.

The concept of the "good ol' days" must be one of our society's biggest delusions, top reasons for depression, as well as most often used excuse for lack of success.

People who matter are most aware that everyone else does, too.

An objection is not a rejection; it is simply a request for more information.

Frustration, although quite painful at times, is a very positive and essential part of success.

The biggest mistake people make in life is not trying to make a living at doing what they most enjoy.

Claim ownership of your dreams.

 image quote by Elon Musk

When something is important enough, you do it even if the odds are not in your favor.

I’m not trying to be anyone’s savior.

I’m just trying to think about the future and not be sad.

Everybody has to be somebody to somebody to be anybody.

Pay your people the least possible and you'll get from them the same.

When what we are is what we want to be, that's happiness.

Failure is success if we learn from it.

The more sympathy you give, the less you need.

 image quote by Bo Bennett

A single question can be more influential than a thousand statements.

People who never get carried away should be.

Resume: a written exaggeration of only the good things a person has done in the past, as well as a wish list of the qualities a person would like to have.

To me, living in the present means being aware of your conscious choice to focus on the past, present or future - it is not necessarily having to focus on the present.

Victory is sweetest when you've known defeat.

Being right half the time beats being half-right all the time.

Let your children go if you want to keep them.

 image quote by Elon Musk

If something is important enough, even if odds are against you, you should still do it.

When you cease to dream you cease to live.

To measure the man, measure his heart.

Diplomacy is more than saying or doing the right things at the right time, it is avoiding saying or doing the wrong things at any time.

An excuse becomes an obstacle in your journey to success when it is made in place of your best effort or when it is used as the object of the blame.

The best vision is insight.

Diamonds are nothing more than chunks of coal that stuck to their jobs.

 image quote by Kim Garst

You have only got three choices in life give up, give in, or give it all you've got.

Presence is more than just being there.

Relationships are leverage. If you give value to someone else first, you have leverage.

Skills are cheap. Passion is priceless.

I like to think of sales as the ability to gracefully persuade, not manipulate, a person or persons into a win-win situation.

If you have a job without aggravations, you don't have a job.

Never hire someone who knows less than you do about what he's hired to do.

 image quote by Reid Hoffman

An entrepreneur is someone who jumps off a cliff, and builds a plane on his way down.

There is a misleading, unwritten rule that states if a quote giving advice comes from someone famous, very old, or Greek, then it must be good advice.

Ability will never catch up with the demand for it.