1. 10

    I don't use my body to seduce, no. I just stand there.

  2. 9

    It's going to be over soon, so I don't really have time to get busy.

  3. 8

    I mostly gave away what I had from the James Bond movie.

  4. 7

    I was under contract to Paramount. They wanted to make me into somebody which I was not. So I got so scared and rebelled, so they threw me out of the studio.

  5. 6

    I wanted to be a decorator. I wanted to interior design homes and do everything myself.

  6. 5

    Collecting is my passion.

  7. 4

    They offered me one cover about 10 years ago, and I said, no, I can't do it. I'm happy to cover up now.

  8. 3

    When I go to a country, I go to flea markets, antique stores. I am always looking for something.

  9. 2

    Even if you have $20,000 to buy an item, you still try to get a good price at antique stores. I collect furniture, rugs, paintings, frames. It's my hobby to go around to shops and markets.

  10. 1

    I have no problem with nudity. I can look at myself. I like walking around nude. It doesn't bother me. I see all the people walking around nude; it doesn't bother me.

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