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    But I think that the spirit of protectionism would be the grave of European cinema. You cannot protect something by building a fence around it and thinking that this will help it survive.

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    Pina Bausch's motto was "Dance, otherwise we are lost." She really meant it, that dance was her answer to life and to the troubles and to the problems that can arise. That was her way to deal with everything, to dance.

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    The most political decision you make is where you direct people's eyes. In other words, what you show people, day in and day out, is political...And the most politically indoctrinating thing you can do to a human being is to show him, every day, that there can be no change.

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    Sex and violence was never really my cup of tea; I was always more into sax and violins.

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    Film is a very, very powerful medium. It can either confirm the idea that things are wonderful the way they are, or it can reinforce the conception that things can be changed.

  6. 5

    My advice is, don't spend money on therapy. Spend it in a record store.

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    The more opinions you have, the less you see.

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    Without dreams, there can be no courage. And without courage, there can be no action.

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    Take opera for example - to go to the opera you have to dress up in a tuxedo and pay lots of money.

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    I'm getting a little bored by the juxtaposition of American and other cinema. I no longer think this division is as true as it might have been in the 1980s, or the early part of the 90s.

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