Every great man nowadays has his disciples, and it is usually Judas who writes the biography.

There is no psychology; there is only biography and autobiography.

What a wee little part of a person's life are his acts and his words! His real life is led in his head, and is known to none but himself. All day long, the mill of his brain is grinding, and his thoughts, not those of other things, are his history. These are his life, and they are not written. Everyday would make a whole book of 80,000 words -- 365 books a year. Biographies are but the clothes and buttons of the man -- the biography of the man himself cannot be written.

There is properly no history; only biography.

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Read no history: nothing but biography, for that is life without theory.

In writing biography, fact and fiction shouldn't be mixed.

And if they are, the fictional points should be printed in red ink, the facts printed in black ink.

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The choices you make today will be your biography tomorrow.


Biographies are but the clothes and buttons of the man.

The biography of the man himself cannot be written.

There never was a good biography of a good novelist.

There couldn't be. He is too many people, if he's any good.

One good anecdote is worth a volume of biography.

Biography should be written by an acute enemy.

I suppose I'm proudest of my novels for what's imagined in them.

I think the world of my imagination is a richer and more interesting place than my personal biography.

I think that every so-called history book and film biography should be prefaced by the statement that what follows is the author's rendition of events and circumstances.

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Biography lends to death a new terror.

The most violent revolutions in an individuals beliefs leave most of his old order standing. Time and space, cause and effect, nature and history, and ones own biography remain untouched. New truth is always a go-between, a smoother-over of transitions. It marries old opinion to new fact so as ever to show a minimum of jolt, a maximum of continuity.

No great man lives in vain. The history of the world is but the biography of great men.

The history of the world is but the biography of great men.

Biography is one of the new terrors of death.

The secret of biography resides in finding the link between talent and achievement. A biography seems irrelevant if it doesn't discover the overlap between what the individual did and the life that made this possible. Without discovering that, you have shapeless happenings and gossip.

It is long ere we discover how rich we are.

Our history, we are sure, is quite tame: we have nothing to write, nothing to infer. But our wiser years still run back to the despised recollections of childhood, and always we are fishing up some wonderful article out of that pond; until, by and by, we begin to suspect that the biography of the one foolish person we know is, in reality, nothing less than the miniature paraphrase of the hundred volumes of the Universal History.

Biography is history seen through the prism of a person.

Biography is a very definite region bounded on the north by history, on the south by fiction, on the east by obituary, and on the west by tedium.

A biography is like a handshake down the years, that can become an arm-wrestle.

On the trail of another man, the biographer must put up with finding himself at every turn; any biography uneasily shelters an autobiography within it.

A great biography should, like the close of a great drama, leave behind it a feeling of serenity. We collect into a small bunch the flowers, the few flowers, which brought sweetness into a life, and present it as an offering to an accomplished destiny. It is the dying refrain of a completed song, the final verse of a finished poem.

Biography is: a system in which the contradictions of a human life are unified.

All good biography, as all good fiction, comes down to the study of original sin, of our inherent disposition to choose death when we ought to choose life.

Just how difficult it is to write biography can be reckoned by anybody who sits down and considers just how many people know the real truth about his or her love affairs.

Biography is a higher gossip.

Like many rich men, he thought in anecdotes;

like many simple women, she thought in terms of biography.

In these days a man is nobody unless his biography is kept so far posted up that it may be ready for the national breakfast-table on the morning after his demise.

People think that because a novel's invented, it isn't true.

Exactly the reverse is the case. Biography and memoirs can never be wholly true, since they cannot include every conceivable circumstance of what happened. The novel can do that.

But for a few phrases from his letters and an odd line or two of his verse, the poet walks gagged through his own biography.

We have escapist fiction, so why not escapist biography?

Biography, like big game hunting, is one of the recognized forms of sport, and it is as unfair as only sport can be.

For one who reads, there is no limit to the number of lives that may be lived, for fiction, biography, and history offer an inexhaustible number of lives in many parts of the world, in all periods of time.

Biography lends to death a new terror.

The Holocaust is a central event in many people's lives, but it also has become a metaphor for our century. There cannot be an end to speaking and writing about it. Besides, in Israel, everyone carries a biography deep inside him.

Discretion is not the better part of biography.

Geography is about maps, but biography is about chaps.

What use is there for a biography of myself? I'm just a movie actor.

I am a huge admirer of Elizabeth I, and this intriguing biography gives a wonderful picture of the era.

Of all the species of literary composition, perhaps biography is the most delightful. The attention concentrated on one individual gives a unity to the materials of which it is composed, which is wanting in general history.

I became quite taken over by Johnson's personality at some points while writing the biography, and since I went straight on to The Closed Circle afterwards, I did sometimes feel I could hear him whispering in my ear while I was working on it.

My songs form a kind of biography or diary of my life as they are about people I have loved and people I only knew in my heart, places I have seen only for a moment and places I have lived all my life.

I'm an avid biography reader.

I had to do the book because there was an unauthorised biography which didn't tell it like it was.

Those who have no record of what their forebears have accomplished lose the inspiration which comes from the teaching of biography and history.

The art of biography is different from geography.

Geography is about maps, but biography is about chaps.

I'm also doing a special for Comedy Central called Autobiography.

It's going to be a spoof of Biography.

Even if you only want to write science fiction, you should also read mysteries, poetry, mainstream literature, history, biography, philosophy, and science.

It is also one of the pleasures of oral biography, in that the reader, rather than editor, is jury.