I really do think that any deep crisis is an opportunity to make your life extraordinary in some way.

You never let a serious crisis go to waste.

And what I mean by that it's an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before.

The crisis of today is the joke of tomorrow.

Racism is always there underneath, but usually it is exploited in these times of economic crisis, and it's hard to find out when one slides into another.

If you don't have a spiritual practice in place when times are good, you can't expect to suddenly develop one during a moment of crisis.

We are at crisis point. I think anybody that sees this nation as being on stable economic or fiscal ground is fooling themselves.

Crisis image quote by John F. Kennedy

When written in Chinese the word "Crisis" is composed of two characters. One represents danger and the other represents opportunity.

We've got to be judged by how we do in times of crisis.

This crisis exposed very significant problems in the financial systems of the United States and some other major economies. Innovation got too far out in front of the knowledge of risk.

What I object to the current government intervention in so-called 'solving the crisis', they haven't solved anything. They've just postponed it.

The financial crisis should not become an excuse to raise taxes, which would only undermine the economic growth required to regain our strength.

This unprecedented crisis, which is without doubt the worst since the second world war, is not over.

I think that half of us feel fraudulent in our lives anyway.

There's that strange disconnect of not really knowing what we're doing sometimes, or why it matters. It's our existential crisis.

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May future generations look back on our work and say that these men and women who, in a moment of great crisis, stood up to their politicians, the opinion-makers, and the establishment, and saved their country.

What we know about the global financial crisis is that we don't know very much.

There's nothing like a family crisis, especially a divorce, to force a person to re-evaluate his life.

Seeds of faith are always within us; sometimes it takes a crisis to nourish and encourage their growth.

In a crisis, don't hide behind anything or anybody. They're going to find you anyway.

The years of the economic depression have been years of political reaction, and that is why the economic crisis has generated a world peace crisis.

I think the IMF helped to detonate the Indonesian crisis.

The crisis that the world finds itself in as it swings on the hinge of a new millennium is located in something deeper than particular ways of organizing political systems and economies.

If you have a crisis, whether on a ship or wherever, there are heroes who rise above it.

Republicans are manufacturing a Social Security crisis that does not exist in order to dismantle Social Security.

I do not believe that the Social Security system is in crisis.

Our theology is still in a time of crisis, and I think this will last for some years more.

The film is about Joe discovering who his mother and father are and his relationship with them, and the identity crisis he goes through once he finds out who his parents are.

I don't like the term mid-life crisis.

I was in the middle of a crossroads, which is a nice way of saying crisis, physically, emotionally and spiritually. You know the physical part. We just talked about it.

The most terrifying moment in my life was October 1962, during the Cuban Missile Crisis. I did not know all the facts - we have learned only recently how close we were to war - but I knew enough to make me tremble.

What one decides to do in crisis depends on one's philosophy of life, and that philosophy cannot be changed by an incident. If one hasn't any philosophy in crises, others make the decision.