It has always been a mystery to me how men can feel themselves honoured by the humiliation of their fellow beings.

There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man;

true nobility is being superior to your former self.

If a fellow isn't thankful for what he's got, he isn't likely to be thankful for what he's going to get.

It's simply a matter of doing what you do best and not worrying about what the other fellow is going to do.

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A gentleman is one who puts more into the world than he takes out.

The good fellow to everyone is a good friend to no one.

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There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man; true nobility is being superior to your former self.

... ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.

You can't hold a man down without staying down with him.

The fellow that agrees with everything you say is either a fool or he is getting ready to skin you.

A banker is a fellow who lends his umbrella when the sun is shining and wants it back the minute it begins to rain.

A fellow who says he has never told a lie has just told one.

A wicked fellow is the most pious when he takes to it. He'll beat you all at piety.

In recognizing the humanity of our fellow beings, we pay ourselves the highest tribute.

If animals could speak, the dog would be a blundering outspoken fellow;

but the cat would have the rare grace of never saying a word too much.

Kindness makes a fellow feel good whether it's being done to him or by him.

I can usually judge a fellow by what he laughs at.

A psychiatrist is a fellow who asks you a lot of expensive questions your wife asks for nothing

Your imagination, my dear fellow, is worth more than you imagine.

A fellow can't keep people from having a bad opinion of him, but he can keep them from being right about it.

On the outskirts of every agony sits some observant fellow who points.

Why doesn't the fellow who says, I'm no speechmaker let it go at that instead of giving a demonstration?

Brotherhood is not just a Bible word.

Out of comradeship can come and will come the happy life for all.

There is always a chance that he who sets himself up as his brother's keeper will end up by being his jail-keeper.

If you wish to be brothers, let the arms fall from your hands.

One cannot love while holding offensive arms.

Who practices hospitality entertains God Himself.

Whenever you hold a fellow creature in distress, remember that he is a man.

No man has any natural authority over his fellow men.

An artist needn't be a clergyman or a churchwarden, but he certainly must have a warm heart for his fellow men.

True prosperity is the result of well-placed confidence in ourselves and our fellow man.

A conservative is a fellow who thinks a rich man should have a square deal.

Even a tombstone says good things about a fellow who's down.

You may call for peace as loudly as you wish, but where there is no brotherhood there can in the end be no peace.

We cannot possibly let ourselves get frozen into regarding everyone we do not know as an absolute stranger.

A fellow who is always declaring that he's no fool, usually has his suspicions.

At the same time, as social beings, we are moved in the relations with our fellow beings by such feelings as sympathy, pride, hate, need for power, pity, and so on.

Adapt yourself to the things among which your lot has been cast and love sincerely the fellow creatures with whom destiny has ordained that you shall live.

An optimist is a fellow who believes a housefly is looking for a way to get out.

Executives owe it to the organization and to their fellow workers not to tolerate nonperforming individuals in important jobs.

The lax multiculturalism that urges Americans to accept the unacceptable from their fellow citizens is one of this nation's greatest vulnerabilities in the war on terror.

A healthy old fellow, who is not a fool, is the happiest creature living.

The thing that lies at the foundation of positive change, the way I se it, is service to a fellow human being.

Never let the other fellow set the agenda.

On this shrunken globe, men can no longer live as strangers.

Broad-minded is just another way of saying a fellow is too lazy to form an opinion.

The smallest pain in our little finger gives us more concern than the destruction of millions of our fellow beings.

War grows out of the desire of the individual to gain advantage at the expense of his fellow men.

The fellow who does things that count, doesn't usually stop to count them.

The highest compact we can make with our fellow is --Let there be truth between us two forevermore.

A tramp, a gentleman, a poet, a dreamer, a lonely fellow, always hopeful of romance and adventure.

Why one man rather than another? It was odd.

You find yourself involved with a fellow for life just because he was the one that you met when you were nineteen.