Look closely at those who patronize you. Half are unfeeling, half untaught.

A patronizing disposition always has its meaner side.

His honest, patronizing pride in the good-will and respect of everybody about him was a safeguard even against foolish romance, still more against a lower kind of folly.

We criticize, copy, patronize, idolize and insult but we never doubt that the U.

S. has a unique position in the history of human hopes.

Don't patronize the chain bookstores.

Every time I see some author scheduled to read and sign his books at a chain bookstore, I feel like telling him he's stabbing the independent bookstores in the back.

She has taken a patronizing fancy to her father, the Admiral, who accepts her condescension gratefully as age brings more and more home to him the futility of his social position.

We mustn't be stiff and stand-off, you know.

We must be thoroughly democratic, and patronize everybody without distinction of class.

We tend to lack humility toward love, to patronize it rather than bow before it, to put mundane considerations before the emotional need to hold someone in our arms.

That a majority of the Abolitionists in this place would patronize a free labor store, in preference to others, I do not doubt; but we do not muster money in Cincinnati.